Multimedia Futuristic Bed: Sleeping in Luxury


Be the envy of all your friends and family with this futuristic and one of a kind bed, the “Hican bed”. This bed has all the tech you could ever need (half bed, half entertainment centre) not to mention the fancy bedding you get with it! So for everyone who slept in a race-car bed as a youngster, or didn’t and wants to make up for it now, here’s your chance!

The “Hican bed” is not cheap though, in fact it comes with quite a hefty price tag. If you wish to be the proud owner of one of these beauties you should be prepared to part with around £40,000, let alone have the space required for this monstrosity! Woah.

The Hican Bed looks like a big, white, shiny cube, similar to current futuristic designs with clean modern curves. The interior of the bed is black but by the looks of it this is optional to suit your decor. It would fit in really well in a large place or house that has very modern, edgy decor. Perfect for an expensive Bachelor Pad!

So what features does the Hican have?

Hican features

You can pull down a projection screen at the end of the bed if you feel like watching a film or your favorite TV program. It also has a built in video game system, meaning you could play your favorite games like call of duty or grand theft auto whenever the feeling takes you.

You can control your homes blinds too right from the bed, so if the light is a bit too bright while you are trying to snooze or kill bad guys, you can just pull them down with the touch of a button. You can also control your full house lighting and entertainment system from your Hican! Amazing. Why do you ever need to get up?

Still not convinced? The Hican comes with a built in PC, so you can tweet, update your status, or simply do some internet shopping in the comfort of your wonderful new bed.

If you are one of the only people that hasn’t actually got an e-reader, or if you just still like to read physical books, the Hican has light included for when night falls.

I know, this bed sounds far too amazing for you to simply just SLEEP in it, but if you finally get tired of surfing the web and watching television you can do that too. Simply pull down the built in shades on your bed and get some shut eye. This revolutionary bed has made sleep so exciting!

The company who came up with the idea for this piece of technological art have stated that they wanted to make it for those who need an escape from all the goings on in our modern lives, somewhere to retreat to.

For people wanting more space this could also be great news as you could obviously replace most of the gadgets in your home with this one bed! For the average Joe it could take some saving though at £40,000. It looks so worth it though with it’s, built in TV, PC, Gaming system, Lights, Shades, Cool design…I’m opening a savings account!

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