The Evolving World of Online Gaming


Gaming was once enjoyed as a solo activity which then evolved into a split screen dual experience. However, the internet has helped to change this very tradition, creating a huge online presence for gamers to compete in.

The future of gaming is set to be incredible thanks to a variety of factors. We’ve recently seen console releases such as Microsoft’s XBOX One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 use the internet to bring amazing new features to owners. From the introduction of apps to extensive new online features, the landscape of entertainment is moving at a pace even Usain Bolt wouldn’t be able to keep up with.

You’re now able to download your favourite games from the comfort of your home, something never imaginable not all that long ago. Again, movies can also be streamed using a variety of apps. Gone are the days of attending a casino to compete with others – it can now be done using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Yes, it seems fair to say that entertainment is now better than ever for people to enjoy.

The cloud is expected to be another major advancement incoming soon. No longer will you own the technology, such as a console or computer, but rather, you’ll actually connect to it. This might seem hard to grasp. But it’s expected to be something we all do in the near future. A big issue facing console manufactures is how they can prevent the technology powering the games up-to-date. Do they launch a new and upgraded version each year or so? This is definitely an issue that cloud computing will probably resolve.

Internet speeds could be vastly improved over the next decade, delivering a world wide access zone at hyper-speeds. This would open the door way for exciting new technologies to enter the market. When you look at the internet infrastructure across the globe, it’s still lacklustre, and needs to change greatly. The current idea is to place satellites in space providing regional reach for users from all around the globe. Whilst latency issues could still be a factor for gamers, this could be an issue somehow resolved by the provider.

It’s important to realise, however, that physical media is likely to continue to be popular and isn’t ready to become distinct. Nintendo’s next console is, after all, might bring back the cartridge – wouldn’t this be awesome? Something those who love nostalgia are sure to answer with a big, Yes.

We’ve come a distance, but the way be view technology tomorrow is sure to be different than we did today. Yet, you can only expect the gaming industry to benefit strongly from an ever-improving internet. Cloud gaming should be something that we’ll all encounter within the next decade.

Are you excited or worried about where the online world of technology might take us next? Feel free to leave your comments and feedback within the comments further down the page.

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