Fallout 4 Full Trailer Lands


Fallout 3 is such a seminal title that I often scratch my head wondering why it has taken Bethesda Game Studios so long to come up with a sequel. A tour de force, Fallout 3 was launched way back in 2008 and only this year will its much anticipated follow-up be released. That is of course Fallout 4, and here is the very first trailer from a title that will surely be competing for game of the year.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was plenty of gameplay and detail in the trailer and what I see is very much to my liking. Sure, I am a bit of a Fallout fan, but Bethesda rarely gets this kind of thing wrong and this game really is expected to raise the bar a few notches… no pressure then.

The trailer retains some steampunk and 50’s elements, with a radio announcement discussing the breaking war as the camera pans around a 1950s kitchen (which turns out to be false). What follows is a pretty extensive look at the stunning world that has been created in Fallout 4, and boy is it utterly beautiful.


It’s hard to make a firm judgement, but from the trailer is looks as if the game is truly massive and very grand and emotional. Fallout 4’s world looks both bleak and wonderful, dangerous and alive… it is somewhere I really can’t wait to explore.

Fallout 4 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC when it is announced at E3 next week.

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