Top 5 Tech Gadgets for the Kitchen


There are many weird and wonderful gadgets you could think of buying for your kitchen (well, not for your kitchen, for use in your kitchen… you got that, didn’t you?).  I’m going to bet that you will not have heard of any of these but as soon as you read about them you’ll want one.  Let’s see…

Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

Starting with a winner of a Golden A’design Award (no, I’m not sure either, but I’m sure it’s a good one), is a Ramen Bowl.  Not just any Ramen Bowl, this is touted as an Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl.  If you’re a yokel like me, then the Ramen bit of the description refers to a Japanese noodle soup dish.  So, what’s so ingenious about this particular bowl?  Are you ready, as this is fab?!  Firstly, you don’t actually need to be lonely to use one of these – just an addiction to your smartphone would be helpful.  The bowl features a smartphone holder so that you can chat, text, play, as you eat, without sacrificing a hand.  Genius.  You may want to invest in a screen protector, however, depending on how messy you are with your noodles.  Just saying.  It’s not actually available to buy as of yet, but if you’re now desperate for one you could pre-order.

Stainless Steel Pineapple De-corer

Flagship Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy...

How often have you been kept awake at night by the difficulty of coring/peeling a pineapple?  I know, right?  So wouldn’t a stainless steel pineapple de-corer and slicer solve all your problems?  If only it would.  However, if it solves your pineapple peel problems then at least that’s one thing off your list.  At the risk of sounding like a terrible, terrible salesman, this handy device will peel, core and slice your pineapple; it’ll give you perfect pineapple rings in seconds; it’ll leave the shell of the pineapple intact to reuse as a desert of drinks bowl (how very 70s), and the juice is retained so there’s no mess (if you believe that you’ll believe anything).  And, get this, it’ll only cost you £3.  Do you think the word pineapple has ever been written so many times in one paragraph?

Admetior Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale

Admetior Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale

Before you get too excited, this next one doesn’t actually get terribly good reviews, but I’m going to mention it as who am I to judge?  With a terribly fancy name, the Admetior Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale is essentially a teeny tiny jug (the ‘spoon’ bit of the name) with a digital scale for a handle – the idea being that you put powder, liquid, whatever you need to measure onto the spoon and the handle tells you how much it weighs.  Okay, having given it a chance I’ve decided that common or garden measuring spoons and jugs will do that for you, but hey, if it has to be tech then maybe this is for you.

Digital BBQ Tongs

Digital Temperature BBQ Tongs

Here’s a handy one, particularly if you like to BBQ but don’t like to inflict food poisoning on your friends and family.  The Digital BBQ Tongs and Thermometer work in a similar way to the spoon above, in that there is a digital reading on the handle which is measured by the contraption at the end.  Given that the measurements here are temperatures, however, and that they are given by tongs which you’d be using anyway and eliminates the need for a separate food thermometer, I think this one is actually pretty good.  They could be yours for less than £20.

Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty Toaster

Okay, I thought about not including this last one – it’s clearly not going to be for everyone.  Tell you what, I’ll not say too much…  If I said ‘Hello Kitty Toaster’ the images you get are probably accurate.  For around £20 (which is either a bargain or £19.99 too much) you can get toast which ‘magically’ toasts your bread in such a way that you will be buttering the image of Hello Kitty on your toast in no time.

Let’s leave it there.

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