Fathers Day 2013: The Gadget Wishlist


Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas for Father’s Day gifts, especially if the dad in question has everything he wants (or so he likes to think anyway). So we have come up with some gadgets to give you some inspiration – check them out below!

Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote

Image by Logitech

The typical household could have at least three different remote controls – one for the TV, one for the DVD or Blu-Ray player, and one for the satellite or cable TV box. Sure, there are all-in-one remotes on the market already to help you cut down on the clutter, but none as are innovative and sleek as the Logitech Harmony Touch universal remote.

Fluid, one-touch interaction with a vibrant, colour LCD touchscreen will be enjoyed with this universal remote. TV channels, movies, games, and music – all can be easily accessed with just one touch.

TomTom Go LIVE Car Navigation

TomTom Go LIVE Car Navigation

Image by TomTom

If your dad is forever asking people for directions to places, or he has some really ancient sat nav device that has a screen no bigger than the display on your wristwatch, then the TomTom Go LIVE Car Navigation sat nav could be just up his street (pun intended).

Featuring a 5-inch high definition widescreen colour display, this hands free device will help your dad get to his destination quicker, safer, and with the least amount of stress and road-rage. It also offers mobile and fixed speed camera alerts too.

Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

Image by Amazon

When you have to shave, a lot of men would normally do so whilst they are in the shower. The problem is, the mirror that they use will constantly fog up and require clearing every minute or so. And if you live in a hard water area, the problem can be even more annoying as the mirror will be “stained” after use unless you can be bothered to clean it with some glass cleaning solution or similar when you have finished your shower.

Now if this is something that annoys your dad, then why don’t you get him a deluxe LED fogless shower mirror? It boasts a patented water chamber design to keep the mirror fogless, and can be easily mounted with removable silicone adhesive – so you don’t need to worry about it suddenly falling down one day because of some useless suction cups!

Apple iPad with Retina Display


This is one of the best Father’s Day presents you could ever get your dad! The Apple iPad with Retina Display is one of the most popular tablet computers on the market, not to mention one of the coolest looking too! It is a simple yet powerful tablet, thin and lightweight, and boasts a “Retina” display that is actually a much higher resolution than high definition screens.

With over 300,000 apps available to download, your dad will be pretty much limitless with what he can do with the iPad. Of course, it can also enable him to go on the Internet and check his emails too, so really it can do pretty much anything a normal desktop or laptop computer can do.

This post was written by Sam Gatt a father and blogger for Forklift Company a huge supplier of reach trucks.

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