Sony VAIO S Series -SVS13A25PXB Core i7 3520M 2.9 GHz Windows 8 Pro 64bit Review


If you’re looking for a high-powered laptop that incorporates a bevy of features into a performance-oriented package, then look no further than Sony’s SVS13A25PXB.  As part of the VAIO S series line, the SVS13A25PXB features many of the improvements we’ve come to expect from Sony, but with perhaps special focus on computational horsepower.

Touting a 13” screen, this S series laptop isn’t exactly the most “roomy” or spacious model, but what it lacks in screen size it makes up in the performance department.  It comes loaded with Windows 8 Pro (64-bit) and features a 2.9 GHz processor (3rd Gen Core i7, Intel 3 i7-3520M) along with a whopping 12 GB of RAM as well.  Simply put, if you’re into gaming, you already know that having a generous amount of RAM is crucial; this laptop certainly delivers in this department.    Graphics are provided courtesy of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE / Intel HD Graphics 4000 system.

Sony VAIO S Series

Other notable appointments include slot-loading DVD reader / writer, a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, multi-gesture touchpad, and a generous number of additional inputs and outputs include 2 x USB 3.0 slots.  All-in-all, there’s not much that this incredible little machine can’t do, and it’s perfect for use with a wide variety of both multimedia-based applications as well as resource-intensive gaming.

There are also some great pieces of software included for those who are into producing their own movies for the net.  Sony’s own “Movie Studio Platinum” is included for this purpose, as are many other sound and media programs including both ACID Music Studio and Sound Forge Audio Studio.  So, in other words, you literally have all the tools at your fingertips which would be needed to produce high-quality videos for a variety of purposes both professional and amateur in nature.

It’s also worth noting that the unit itself features carbon fiber construction, so it’s not only much lighter than you might expect, it’s also much stronger too.  Weighing in at a mere 3.7 pounds, this is a machine that you can literally take everywhere without losing many of the capabilities you may have come to expect with larger systems.

Sony VAIO s

Sure, the SVS13A25PXB is a bit on the high side in terms of pricing, but once again, it’s loaded down and jam-packed with features (which will probably take months to fully explore).  This laptop is also rated to be fairly energy efficient, which is great for the environment.  Security buffs will also love the integrated biometrics system, which allows you to use fingerprint identification for logging in and so forth.  In short, while it’s true that you might be able to find a comparable laptop for a better price than this amazing unit, the truth is that you simply aren’t going to find anything that comes close in terms of available features + performance.  For those that need the extra horsepower, either for work and/or play, this laptop is definitely worth checking out.

Rating – 8 / 10

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