Front Row Thrills: 6 Tips for Experiencing Heart-Pounding Moments at Live Esports Events


There is always an exciting aura of suspense when visiting a live esports event. However, gaming enthusiasts can make even more of their visit by following a few useful tips. It’s amazing they can help make the event even more thrilling.

1. Invite Family and Friends

It’s always great fun attending a tournament with friends or family. Esports events are increasingly memorable when sharing them with others. Everyone loves to discuss their passion and enthusiasm for games such as Valorant or Counter Strike: Global Offensive. When watching an online live streaming of an exciting match it makes the atmosphere vibrant and thrilling when the event is shared. Conversations and comments about the tactics used in the game help intensify everyone’s appreciation of the event. There is also the opportunity to make new friends amongst the other people attending the match.

2. Learn about the Event

Esports events are rapidly increasing as they gain in popularity, but it’s always helpful to learn a little about a tournament before attending. Some events have built up a reputation for infamous rivalries amongst certain teams. For instance, NaVi and Alliance enjoy some of the fiercest rivalry when competing in Dota 2. Their friction when playing always seem to spill over into the audiences who are eager to support their favorite team. Discovering the history of teams, and the awesome achievements of some of the players, ensures fans are aware of the rivalries as soon as the match begins.

3. Tournaments Featuring Favorite Games

Choosing an event built around a favorite game means a greater feeling of suspense. Fans are already familiar with the agents or champions involved in the action, and even form their own ideas of how they would allow their tactics to evolve. It helps create a rewarding atmosphere of excitement when attending the event.

4. Watch the Event Live

If enthusiasts can’t manage to attend an event in person, they always prefer to watch a streamed version that’s shown in real time. Live events are noted for their thrilling atmospheres. Watching live streaming on platforms such as Twitch replicates the excitement as they are in real time. It increases the atmosphere of suspense as online audiences can still share the excitement through interactive live chat rooms.

Read about the Hype

There is usually a high degree of drama before a scheduled event. Like any other sport, esports gaming thrives on anticipation of how the event will progress. Reading about the teams and players who may be appearing helps introduce an understanding of what the matches entail, from rivalries to record-breaking results. Check out esports sites, forums, and They’ll include interviews with teams, pre-match analysis and history of results. It helps convey a sense of the personalities involved, and reveal what other enthusiasts are hoping the event will be like.

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