Top Tablet PC’s Due Out This Year


Now well into the first quarter of 2014, some truly great tablet PC’s are hitting the market.  Each one of these machines is elegant in design and light as a feather, of course.  However, each of them also possesses its own unique features and built-in perks – one specific example perhaps being a bit more suitable for your specific needs than any other.  At any rate, here are several examples to consider if you’re going to be buying a tablet PC in the first half of 2014…

Google Nexus 10

If you’re looking for an Android device which features a fairly large (10.1”) screen and has all the power and features you could want at a standardized price, then Google’s Nexus 10 is probably a good fit for you.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, this isn’t just some type of workhorse machine; it actually features a super-high resolution screen (said to currently be the best in the world) as well as integrated access to all the Google services you no doubt already know and love.  Some have tried to knock its looks, but objectively its design is pretty much as attractive as any other top-notch tablet out there.

Apple iPad mini

Certainly Apple needs no introduction.  They’re arguably the most instantly recognizable tablet developer, their iPad series having already taken the world by storm.  With the release of the iPad mini however, retinal display has been paired with a vibrant 7.9” screen to produce a smaller, friendlier yet still incredibly powerful device.  Additionally, the unit comes pre-loaded with an assortment of awesome apps (including iOS 7 running in a 64-bit environment here).  Lastly, when you consider that you can pick one up at a somewhat discounted price, there’s very little reason to go out and buy one.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Never a company to be found resting on its laurels, Microsoft strikes back hard with its Surface Pro 2, which integrates Windows 8 in addition to some other extremely useful features.  Unlike the other models featured here, this machine is something of a tablet – laptop hybrid, which actually feels extremely elegant and sleek while remaining intensely familiar at the same time.  If you’re more of a businessperson and frequently need to access a keyboard, the Surface Pro 2 is basically a godsend.  Moreover this unit is also quite powerful in addition to being fully functional as a standardized tablet.  The fact that it can be utilized in the same manner as a standardized laptop might be considered a wonderfully useful fringe benefit of sorts.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch

Lastly, we come to Amazon’s 2014 entry, the Kindle Fire HDX, featuring an 8.9” screen and might be considered perfect for general media access (especially Kindle books, obviously, but also streaming video as well).  This Android-based device is also very powerful, attractive and very easy to use.  In fact, this particular tablet might be an excellent choice for those who prefer a somewhat stripped-down experience without sacrificing anything in terms of power or functionality.

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