Geek Your Car: Weird And Wonderful Ways To Use Your iPad In Your Car


The Apple iPad is a great little tablet that’s available in two different sizes and with a plethora of options, and whilst its target market is mainly home and business users, did you know that it can also be a handy tool to use for your car too?

There are many uses for an Apple iPad in the car, here are some examples of just what you could achieve with it in your motor!

Satellite Navigation

One of the most common uses for the iPad in your car is for satellite navigation. I know you could simply use a small sat-nav device in your car, but satellite navigation is so much clearer and easier to understand on a bigger screen!

The Google Maps app is free for the iPad, and offers turn-by-turn spoken directions. I can confirm that it works really well as I’ve used it on many occasions both on my iPad and on my iPhone. You could either tether the data connection from your smartphone, or use a 3G/4G iPad.


Another obvious use for the iPad is for its ability to store and play music. There are a few ways that you can do this; for example, you could upload your tunes to the iPad through iTunes, or you could use a music streaming service such as Spotify.

Storing the music on your iPad means that you don’t have to pay for mobile data charges, although I should point out that if you subscribe to Spotify Premium you will be able to keep offline copies of your playlist tunes for up to 30 days on your iPad without the need for an active Internet connection.


If you have a need to record what goes on around you when you drive, you could turn your iPad into a device used for CCTV purposes! One common option is to simply use your iPad camera to record images or video.

A more geeky approach would be to use a CCTV app on your iPad that can view different IP cameras connected to an internal LAN in your car (who’d have thought it? A local area network inside your car!), and those IP cameras can record audio and video onto a digital video recorder mounted somewhere in your car!

Car Walk-Through Video

You might be planning on selling your car soon, in which case you want to make sure that you get as many interested people as possible enquiring about your car (obviously with a view to buying it).

One creative way of doing so would be to use your iPad to make a unique walk-through video so that interested parties can see a video detailing the condition of your car. This would be especially useful to people who might have to travel several hundred miles to go and view your car.

Of course, there are other ways that you can sell your car, but as there are plenty of websites that offer frequently asked questions about selling your car I will let you check those other sites out for further information as this blog post is about how you can use your iPad with your car, not how to sell your car! 🙂

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