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If you have ever thought of why all your data I placed in different places, you are not the only one. This article is a small explanation on what you will get out of using the GeoSuits.

A lot of people wants to get this program, so if you want the chance, you have to be fast. GeoSuits is a very reliable program, with more than 20 years of experience in DMS and e.g. well-data gathering. This will definitely help you and make everything easier for you.

GeoSuite is developed to make life easier for all people working with DMS. DMS means data management system and this is developed especially for California, but can be changed so it will fit anywhere in the world. The DMS helps you keep track on, and facilitate your hydrogeological conceptual modelling. This is done by the DMS frames capabilities required by the SGMA. SGMA means sustainable groundwater management act.

With the GeoSuite, you will be able to create and host much more in a smarter way than before seen. But that is not the only thing, that separates GeoSuite from the competitors on the marked. You can also share with others as well as you get a great possibility to interpret and do reports, just to name a few.


Even greater is it, that GeoGuite is developed and designed especially to ensure a streamlined work process and it will give the user a enormous specter of tools, that I required for any GSP.
The thing that puts GeoSuits in front of everybody else, is the 20 years of experience with SGMA (sustainable groundwater management act) I Denmark. This has made it possible for GeoSuits, to re-design and change what is needed, according to requirements in the California SGMA. That makes GeoSuits ready to implement by any GSA.

The thing that makes this even greater is, that you get to manage all your water in 3D. It means, that GeoSuits comes with a 3D capability for an in-dept view of your HCM, meaning hydrogeological conceptual model, as well as your normal geological model. You get easy access by using DMS, that will make it possible to gather all your data on just one platform.

On top of this, you will also get a well-database. This will help you keep track of, and handle everything you need according to well- and aquifer management. It can automatically monitor thresholds or print lithological logs. GeoSuits will also let you import already existing well-data and databases, which makes the management of your wells much easier. It also contains the tools needed to be in compliance with the SGMA requirements.

To do the short version: You can gather, modify, monitor, handle and report all your well-data, in one place – just use GeoSuits.

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