How Technology is Changing the Way We Shop


Hakan Dahlström

Much of our shopping experiences have now moved online. We use the internet to buy groceries or purchase new clothes. However, it’s not just on the internet where new technology is changing the way that we shop. Both online and offline experiences have changed in recent years. And they will continue to evolve. There are several new technologies that retailers use now to appeal to customers. Shopping can be a more digital experience, and one that is more social too. Keep reading to check out some of the ways in which technology can and will change the way you shop.

Digital and Interactive Displays

Displays have always been necessary marketing tools to brick and mortar stores. However, now they are changing and becoming more advanced. They are now more than a simple poster or some ornaments in the window. Technology has allowed displays to be bigger and bolder. They can even be interactive on some occasions. Stores can use LED screens to create bright and moving images. They are much more eye-catching than a static picture. But beyond that, they can even go as far as being interactive stores that allow people to place orders on the spot. People can scan images of products to buy them as they stand in front of them.

Near Field Communication

Near field communication, or NFC, can be used in a number of ways both in stores and in other environments. One of the applications people might be getting to know best is for quick payments. NFC allows people to wave their phone or their card and pay instantly, with no signature or PIN required. However, there are other applications that can be useful. Click here to see some of the devices you can use in conjunction with NFC technology. You could soon use your NFC-enabled smartphone to scan each product in a store and receive information on it through their app.

Fully-customisable Products

Innovations are taking place online too. Some brands have chosen to offer the ability to customise a product entirely. They can adjust everything from the size and shape to the colour. One place where you can see this, in particular, is in women’s fashion, where you could create a unique pair of shoes, for example. This sort of technology helps to make the purchase process more personal. While you can find this type of personalisation in some traditional retail settings, it’s not as accessible as the same thing online.

Social Shopping

Social media sometimes seems to be at the centre of everything these days. So it’s no surprise it’s incorporated into shopping experiences too. Combined with mobile phones and other devices, it can be used both online and in-store. Brands use their social media channels to encourage customers to buy and even to make a purchase directly on the social media app or website. It can shorten the sales funnel and make purchasing more immediate.

Technology has changed the way people shop and brands sell, and it will continue to do so. In the next few years, we could see some significant changes, such as more developed robotics.

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