How to get an Unlimited 4G Data mobile plan if you’re in the UK


Update: Since this article was written, Three no longer offer an unlimited package, and current customers able to access the package will be pushed onto a new package which doesn’t allow unlimited tethering. Three still offer a generous data plan when compared to all other UK providers – but the new 12GB tethering cap is a huge limitation when it was once unlimited.

The UK’s first and now past unlimited 4G Package…

Owning a smartphone can be an expensive affair, and that’s before you even consider your network provider costs. Whilst the UK has great 3G and 4G data coverage, it’s true to say that it can come at a price. If you’re a light user and don’t download too much, then you’ll be fine with a capped plan. However, the majority of users enjoy surfing the internet, downloading apps and streaming music. It’s the unlimited plan which becomes most useful for those in this category. With that said, let’s take a look at your best option…

As you’re probably aware, the UK has five large brands (Vodafone, EE, Three, Orange and T-Mobile), which is actually partly false as Orange and T-Mobile are owned by EE. However, they all offer different packages. You might be surprised to learn that only one of these providers offer an unlimited data plan. That’s not just all, you can also get unlimited tethering, too, as an extra. What does that mean? You can turn your smartphone into a home internet connection at the click of a button, impressive, right? So, which network am I talking about? Drum roll… it’s Three.

One of the main reasons Three has become so popular is because of the amazing deals they offer. That’s not to mention that they were recently rated as the UK’s most reliable network. With little competition in this area, Three have actually removed their mainstream unlimited plan, after all, they can charge you more just like the other networks are. Another great thing is that you won’t be charged extra for using the 4G service, where Three has 4G you get it free, and it’s unlimited. That’s amazing, right?

I’m hoping that Three continue to offer this package and expand on the great deals they already offer. It’s also worth mentioning that Three have recently taken over O2, meaning that coverage is much better, you might also find O2 offering some kind of unlimited data plan soon, too.

Heard enough? Head over to here. Scroll down to the all-you-can-eat data plans.

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