How to Access clear images and simple software with Avigilon CCTV


Modern surveillance systems are a must-have for any industry. High-definition images that are combined with an easy-to-use software system puts you in complete control of video playback, which helps to ensure the safety of everyone on your premises, and you can also use the video to identify any criminals or trespassers.

No matter what industry you work in it is important that you have a high quality surveillance system in place. This will help to protect you, your employees and anyone on your premises as well as the site itself. It will act as a deterrent to criminals, but if they were to commit a crime anyway then you could easily use the footage from the cameras in court to help convict them. On top of this, surveillance systems help to make sure that nobody is in any kind of danger or had an accident, as well as find and identify anyone that has gone missing. Essentially these systems work as a set of eyes around your premises so you can look back through all of this footage to find what you are looking for.

CCTV has improved massively in recent years. It used to be that the footage you get with these cameras would be grainy and blurry, making it difficult to identify those in shot. This is no longer the case, as you can purchase CCTV cameras that offer high-definition resolutions in their images. This makes it easy to identify everyone in shot, even if they are in the background. This is hugely valuable as the footage can be used in a court case if it was ever needed – this could obviously make the difference when it comes to obtaining a conviction. It is not just the clarity of the image that makes these modern surveillance systems so effective; the software that runs alongside the cameras also make them very easy to use, as with many of them it is now simpler than ever to control the video playback and find what you are looking for. You may even be able to watch the footage back no matter where you are, as opposed to from one computer as it used to be.

This makes surveillance systems essential for all sorts of buildings, including stadiums, casinos, airports, public transport, schools, retail, hospitals, critical infrastructures, commercial buildings, logistics, banks and so on. A good example is in schools, where a high quality system such as Avigilon CCTV can be used to protect students and teachers. It can be used to identify bullies, stop truancy, stop trespassers from gaining access to the school plus plenty more benefits. It will also help to ensure that everyone on the premises is safe and has not had an accident of any kind.

Just having these systems in place will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that your site is always being watched over. The footage will be clear so you are able to see what is happening and be able to identity people, and on top of this you will find the software intuitive and easy to use. Upgrade your current surveillance system to an impressive, new system which will ensure the security and safety of everyone onsite.

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