How To Use Technology To Block Spam Calls And Texts


Everyone hates spam callers. No, we weren’t involved in a road traffic accident. No, we don’t want to claim back PPI, whatever that is. Having company after company contact you about different spam scams can become incredibly annoying.

When you are going about your day, you don’t want to be pestered by scam calls. It’s annoying, irritating and just down right rude, and you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

In fact, you no longer do. Did you know that there are plenty of ways you can block spam calls and texts? Yes – that’s right, you can now stop these pesky calls and messages from reaching your phone, here’s how:

Block each number yourself

One simple way to block spam numbers that have contacted you is by going to your calls list and choosing the ‘block’ option. This will block the number, meaning that you will no longer receive their calls or texts.

If you later decide you want to unblock the number – we have no idea why you would, but it’s easy to do. All you have to do is go into settings and then select the blocked numbers section and choose the numbers to unblock.

While how you do this tends to vary on different smartphones, on IPhones and Android phones it’s simple and easy to do.

Use an app

There are hundreds of apps that allow cell phone users to block contact from spam numbers. How amazing is that?

While there are various spam stopping apps to choose from,  one of the best ones is CallerSmart, the phone book. Not only does the app allow you to see a spam call, it also allows you to find out the name and location of the person or company that is calling you. The app also has a feature that allows users to see what other users have said about a number, such as, what type of spam it is, etc.

Ignore spam texts

Don’t make the mistake of replying to a spam text, it will only increase the number of spam messages you get. Most spam text messages come with the option, to opt out, by replying, ‘STOP’, but whatever you do, don’t reply.

By replying to a spam message, you are simply confirming that the phone number is occupied. The best way to deal with spam messages is simply to ignore them if you reply, the more messages you will receive.

While calls are much easier to block, it can be much more tricky to stop spam text messages coming through. The best way to deal with them is by ignoring them, as this should help to limit the amount you get.

There is no doubt about it, spam calls and texts have to be one of the most annoying things on the planet. The last thing you want when you are trying to enjoy your day is a phone call from some spam company, putting you in an instant bad mood.

While you can’t stop spam companies from getting hold of your number, what you can do is find ways to block their calls and texts. To turn your phone into a spam-free space, simply follow the tips above.

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