HTC Desire Z Android Mobile Phone


Simply put, there’s very little that this little modern marvel can’t do.  The Desire Z by HTC is at its heart a phone, but is capable of so much more.  Whether it’s browsing the web (with the aid of the elegantly hidden QWERTY keyboard), or performing as a GPS device, this unlocked mobilephone can help you expertly navigate the web and the real world.  The device itself features a 3.7” touchscreen which is extremely responsive and very visually satisfying as well.

Inside the Desire Z is an 800 MHz processor that’s more than capable of performing social networking, email, or typical web browsing tasks.  The phone is also running android 2.2, which gives users access to a surplus of apps.   The Desire Z also allows for individual customization of both the global user interface and shortcuts for the entire device; this is an especially useful feature as it allows you to set things up in exactly the way you prefer.  Also included in this wonderful package is a 5.0 megapixel camera which also carries with it the ability to record HD video in 720p.  Bluetooth capacity and 3G connectivity are also among the other notable features of this miniature powerhouse.

HTC’s Desire Z is everything you could possibly want in a smartphone with just enough added features and benefits to make it one of the most exciting gadgets you can invest in.  Perfect for nearly anyone, regardless of whether or not they plan on using their smartphone for business or entertainment; the Desire Z is a performance and results oriented device that can do nearly anything you ask of it, and the best part is that it can  be easily slipped into a pocket at a moments notice.

Rating: 9 / 10

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