Logitech G27 Racing Wheel / Pedals / Gear Shift Lever Set Review


Are you really into racing games?  Perhaps you would like to add an arcade-like feel to your home gaming experience?  The G27 Racing package has everything the gamer needs in order to really place them in the driver’s seat (almost literally).  This isn’t a cheap gadget; this is a simulator grade set of components that are fully compatible with PC, PS2, and of course, the PS3.  The control panel on the unit is equipped with functioning gauges and indicators; the wheel is even adorned with real leather.

The most interesting facet of Logitech’s G27 kit however is its Dual “force feedback” system.  By using two motors in tandem, the G27 is able to simulate the kind of effects that you might experience given the driving conditions on screen.  So, you’ll actually feel as if you are driving on rougher roads or flying through the air and crashing.  The wheel itself actually allows for a completely full range of motion as well, unlike most which may only extend to 180°.

To compliment the ingenious central housing / wheel assembly you also have both a set of pedals and a gear shifting unit.  The pedals themselves are actually constructed from steel and are very solid.  The gear shift box features six speeds and of course, is to be used together with the clutch located on the pedal unit.

blankThis wonderful racing simulator unit connects via USB and will work great with most conventional PC’s.  However, the G27 really shines when you use it in conjunction with the PS3.  Many feel that this might be the best type of unit in its class; try one out for yourself, and see what’s been lacking as far as your overall gaming experience is concerned.

Rating: 9 / 10

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