Innovative Uses for Old Video Tapes


Most people are aware that you cannot easily recycle old and redundant video tapes. However, don’t let that stop you from repurposing them in some way. This article reveals some of the more quirky uses for old tapes like these.

What would you do with old video tapes? Years ago you would simply have sat down and watched them from time to time, since this was the one way we all watched films and television programmes. However, we have now advanced to DVDs and even watching television on our computers via catch up TV.

So where does this leave the video tape? In many cases the tapes are left to grow old and unwanted in boxes in attics and spare rooms. We don’t particularly want to send them to the dump and yet there doesn’t seem to be any other option.

However it does depend on how creative you are. After all, people have made wonderful things out of old video tapes and their boxes. You only need to start looking online to see how true this is. You can make a coffee table, a window seat and any number of other things from these tapes if you know how.

For example, one website revealed a picture of a stunning and particularly eye catching shop counter that had been made from hundreds of video tapes. The counter was designed in an L shape and is colourful to say the least. The practical flat and oblong shape of the video cassette box makes it a good item to use when building anything like this. If you build it lower down and glue the tape boxes together as if you were building a brick wall, you could create a bench seat or window seat too.

In many instances it is only your creativity that stands between you and a pile of seemingly useless VHS tapes. Of course you should check all the tapes prior to doing anything with them. If any of them contain personal family videos you can find a service transferring video to DVD to ensure they are safely transferred for you. Transferring video to DVD is something that is best done by professionals, so you can get copies of the tapes you want to keep and then get on with the creative process of recycling them in some way.

The most appealing thing about being creative in this way is that you can make anything you like and give it a retro look. Indeed you may already have seen products created from old records and cassettes, so you will be bucking the trend and creating something totally unique and retro from your own efforts. Even if you have hundreds of video tapes left and you don’t want to just dump them, you could still find ways of using them that catch the eye and lead to the best possible use of them today.

The world has certainly changed and provided us with new ways of watching films and television programmes. But with so many video tapes still hanging around, doesn’t it make sense to ensure they are used in an innovative way instead of going to landfill? If you can re-use your tapes in this way you might find you are glad you still have them.

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