Instant Disposable Email: 10 Best Temporary Email Services


There are plenty of reasons that you might need a temporary email account. Perhaps you’re being asked to sign up for overly aggressive marketing campaigns or email chains and you don’t want your main inbox associated with those chains. Maybe you need to give out a temporary email address so that prying eyes don’t see messages in your main inbox.

Whatever your reasons might be for seeking out a temporary email service, there are lots of them out there, so it can be hard to know which one you should opt for. Here are the 10 best temporary email services to help you protect your emails and do business more safely.

1. Mail Poof!


As the name suggests, Mail Poof! is all about sending emails that will, as the site itself says, “self-destruct after 24 hours”. You can create an email address easily just by using the drop-down menu available on the main page, then send your email with peace of mind. The email is never stored on Mail Poof!’s system, but if you want to, you can download or save messages to your computer, so if you do decide you want to keep something, the option is there for you.

2. Proton Mail


Proton Mail’s mission statement revolves around security and safety, so it stands to reason that it would be one of the biggest names when it comes to temporary email. Using a Proton Mail account, you can send expiring emails, which means the recipient will only be able to access them for a limited amount of time. Other services include easy importing from Gmail, as well as link protection and two-factor authentication for added peace of mind.

3. EmailOnDeck


Another excellent temporary email service, EmailOnDeck promises to always be “simple and free”, so you shouldn’t run into any significant difficulties using it. The process really couldn’t be any easier; just confirm that you’re human via a quick and simple Captcha, then get your temporary email address. That’s really it. EmailOnDeck constantly deletes emails and makes sure they will never be visible again, so your sensitive data is very safe indeed with this service.

4. Maildrop


Using Maildrop, you’ll get a “free disposable email address to use anytime”, and you can use that address to stop spam emails or anything else you don’t want to use your main email for. This is a great way to provide email addresses to newsletters, email marketing schemes, or anything else you don’t want clogging up your inbox. All you need to do is make up an email address and check it whenever you need to. That’s it; there are no downloads or anything else required on your end.

5. Temp Mail


Yep, you guessed it: Temp Mail is yet another excellent service you can use to generate a quick and free “fake” email account. It takes just a few seconds to create and access your temporary email account using this site, and you can see the messages you’re getting right from the main Temp Mail page. You may also want to spend a little time on the Temp Mail blog, where you’ll find articles about everything from Android apps through to ransomware information.

6. 10 Minute Mail


The gimmick when it comes to 10 Minute Mail is that you’ll create an email address that will self-destruct after just 10 minutes. This is ideal not only for marketing lists you don’t want to be on, but also for hypersensitive information that really shouldn’t exist for longer than just a few minutes. The website even has a real-time ticker that shows you how long you’ve got until your new email address expires. You can also get 10 more minutes if you need to repeat the process.

7. YOPmail


YOPmail has the added benefit of being able to see a website that looks like it jumped forward in time from the mid-90s. This page’s delightful design aside, though, YOPmail is another great temporary email service that lets you input an email address then use it for whatever purposes you wish. Plenty of different domains are available depending on your preferences, and you can even use YOPmail’s built-in chat services to talk to other YOPmail users, which is a rather sweet add-on.

8. ThrowAwayMail


ThrowAwayMail is another extremely simple and easy-to-use website that offers the chance to build a fake email address you can hand out. If you’ve been told to verify your email with a new service but you don’t want to use your main account, you can use this one instead. ThrowAwayMail has a “how it works” page you can read if you want to allay your fears about data as well, and it also has some statistics regarding the amount of emails sent via its site.

9. Guerrilla Mail


One of Guerrilla Mail’s most nifty features is a ticker showing how many emails it’s processed in total. At time of writing, this count stood at around 15 billion, but it’s almost certain to have gone up significantly since then, which should tell you just how valuable Guerrilla Mail’s service really is. Like other sites on this list, it’s extremely easy to set up a fake email with Guerrilla Mail and then use it to deflect any email services you don’t want to be a part of.

10. Email Generator

Last but not least, we have Email Generator, which offers a similar service to many of the other sites on this list. You can create a temporary email address for yourself, as well as a custom domain for your email, then input it into any site you like. You can also ask the site to send you sound notifications when you get emails, which can be handy if you’re waiting for a verification email that’s taking a long time to get to you (which they sometimes can!). 

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