Is Apple losing its touch?


Apple is a company that I’ve always stuck with, you can guarantee that you’re getting a quality product, after all. It’s not just this, but the alternatives have never impressed enough, making Apple the obvious choice, year in and year out. However, could this all change in the coming years?

Whilst Apple make laptops and computers, this article is generally about the smartphone aspect, which is what has helped make Apple the richest company in the world. It was Steve Jobs that helped transform Apple with his ideas, however, you can’t help but feel that Apple isn’t the same since his death.

Apple iPhone
There was plenty of controversy surrounding Apple’s latest offerings, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It quickly became known as the bendable phone with videos appearing on YouTube showing that the smartphone could bend. However, I think much of this was over hyped, my iPhone 6 is as solid as it was when I purchased it. The iPhone Plus on the other hand, does seem to have an issue, due to its size, it can bend.

I wasn’t all that impressed with the iPhone 6 when announced, it just didn’t have those amazing wow factor features that you’d expect from the iPhone brand. However, one look at what Samsung and the other alternatives had to offer and it still became an easy choice.

Perhaps one reason why Apple has done so well is simply that the competitors haven’t managed to develop something so well built. Another advantage is the iOS system, something I really like.

Samsung’s latest smartphone has just released and for the first time it’s made me want one. It looks like a premium product, something that I’ve never said about a Samsung smartphone before, after all, they’ve always looked cheaply built due to the plastic casing. Of course, there’s still room for improvement, but you can’t help but feel as though the pendulum could be starting to swing in a different direction – and it’s not towards Apple.

Samsung S6

Battery life is always a major talking point with smartphones, some are poor and some are average, but we are yet to see a smartphone which is capable of unthinkable battery life. It’s as though having an amazing battery life wouldn’t be a selling point in comparison to having a better camera or other features. However, we’re now at the stage where consumers are starting to demand this. Samsung have addressed this issue with the Samsung S6, offering superfast battery charge, which allows you to constantly avoid seeing that dreaded flashing red battery symbol.

Apple seem to be putting a lot of focus on their upcoming Apple Watch. Whilst they’ll probably sell a few, it’s unlikely that the majority will want one, find out why I won’t buy the Apple watch. Let’s just hope that Apple can offer something new and fresh with the iPhone 7. If it isn’t the 8MP camera, or the mediocre battery life that are starting to feel a little outdated, you’ll find that the Samsung S6 excels in both of these areas. If you like something that looks a little special then you’re sure to like the Edge edition of the S6. One area that Samsung still need to address is the rear camera, which isn’t flush, meaning that it sticks out.

Will Apple hit back with jaw dropping features and excitement with their next big smartphone offering? Let’s hope so. However, it just feels like they’ve put too much energy into the Apple Watch – which makes little sense. Another question to ask is: Would the direction of the company be different if Steve Jobs was still around? I think the answer is a big yes. With Apple’s biggest competitor starting to impress and Apple seemingly lethargic in the ideas department, it might be a rocky future for the richest company in the world, although, only time will tell.

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