Why Local Backlinks Are Important?


A few years ago when internet and web browsing was not as popular as these days, people didn’t have any idea of how much potential the internet is keeping inside. They thought of the websites as something that you can only have for enjoyment but considering it as a stable source of income was something very difficult to understand at that time. But, time changed and now we can see that millions of people are running successful businesses on internet. This was made easier and possible because of websites. So we can say that internet and website is the backbone of this modern era. Shopping has never been this easier in the past. You don’t need to go out of your home as there are hundreds and thousands of online shopping websites where you can buy literally anything that you need and it will be delivered right on your door step.

When websites are this important and crucial, so is the marketing and advertising business. Digital marketing that is referred to as the process of growing a website and making it popular among internet users, has many components. But the most important component is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process of making your website better and more suitable for the search engines. There are many parts or techniques that are being used in SEO but creating backlinks has always been very popular. The basic theory behind backlinks is that when you want to promote your website, you create a link of your domain and put it on some other similar but more popular website. This way when that website has visitors, they also get to look at your link and this way they can visit your website as well.

When we talk about the backlinks, the most important thing to understand is to go natural or local. The more natural backlinks your website has, the better results search engines will show. A few years back when SEO was divided into two parts; white hat SEO and black hat SEO, it was a complex concept for most of bloggers that running high quality technology blogs like nogentech, as these techniques were divided because of the nature of backlinks. That was the time when buying hundreds of backlinks from poor ranked websites seemed a good idea but not anymore. Now search engines have better crawlers and more advanced techniques to evaluate the ranking of websites. It focuses more on the type of the backlinks rather than just looking at the numbers. You can say that having a few quality local and natural backlinks is always better than having hundreds of non organic backlinks.

In the search engine optimization process, backlinks are considered as the way of analyzing and evaluating a website’s worth. Here many factors matter in order to get to the final results. This will include; nature of the backlinks, format, number of backlinks, nature of the other websites and most importantly, the period of time in which these local backlinks were acquired. This explains it very well that if you buy poor quality backlinks with irrelevant websites on quickly basis, your activities will be highlighted in search engine crawling. This will cause waste of money that you spent on buying those backlinks but it can also cause a penalty from the search engine.


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