Creative HS800 Fatal1ty Pro Series Gaming Headset Review


What serious gamer doesn’t own or need a pro quality headset these days?  Take this wonderful item made by Creative of instance, dubbed the HS800 from the Fatal1ty Pro series.  For those that don’t know who Fatal1ty is, he is a multiple world gaming champion, and something of an anomaly / legend in the world of FPS style gaming.

blankAside from carrying Fatal1ty’s namesake, this headset is a quality product which is not only sturdily constructed but also possesses a few unique features which make it extremely useful.  For example, the boom microphone can be easily detached and the wrap-around earphones are actually noise-canceling, which more or less puts you in complete isolation.  The ear cups themselves feature a unique design which allows them to create a distinctive acoustic pocket for the sound to move around in.  The result is a very natural sound; with plenty of highs, mids, and juicy lows.This is a perfect set of phones for gaming though; they accurately reproduce a full spectrum of frequencies and overtones courtesy of the dual hi-fi Neodymium drivers.  These phones are more than capable of painting a detailed aural picture for any game environment or giving you a distinct advantage over your foes during multiplayer skirmishes (there will be no more sneaking up on you if you own these headphones).

It should also be noted that these phones are pretty comfortable.  All in all, these headphones are an affordable, state of the art addition to any gaming setup; perfect for immersing yourself in the action or giving your neighbors a break during late hours spent gaming.   In fact, the HS800 is a very popular item, and for good reason; this is a quality product.

Rating: 8 / 10

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