Meet The World’s First Fully Wireless OLED TV


The future is here. No more tangled cables, coiling your furniture like a boa constrictor. No more crowded plug sockets, overheated to the point of being warm to touch. The latest OLED TV has arrived and it’s the world’s first fully wireless TV ever to hit the market.

The Future Is Right Now

Okay, so granted wireless TVs aren’t entirely futuristic – before we all start tearing at the walls of our reality, convinced we’re in an alternate sci-fi realm. Still, LG’s 97-inch wireless OLED screen, set to be revealed at CES 2023, will surely set the standard for inventions to come. It’s definitely one of the more exciting products we’ll see on display in the branded booth. 

The idea alone is enough to draw a crowd, especially for those who are used to homes with multiple devices, where cables crawl in all directions and tether everything with legs, including, sometimes, the cat. There’s no denying many will come to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall, eager to get an early glimpse of the first fully wireless 4K OLED TV.

“So, It’s Completely Wireless Then?”

Yes, fully wireless means absolutely zero wires. Not a pesky wire in sight. Not even a power cable, which held back the full ground-breaking potential of LG’s wireless 97-inch OLED TV. It was Displace TV who created a display, running on four lithium ion batteries, which are rechargeable. You’re guaranteed about six hours viewing each day before you need a recharge. So, there is a charger and if you throw everything in together – TV, wireless base station, batteries and charger – you’ll be paying roughly $3,000 for the bundle. There’s even the option to create a mega-system, with four wireless Displace TVs fitted together for a neck-cranking 110-inch 8K TV. Each set has a camera mounted up top to track gestures and if you pinch-and-expand your hand, you can project an image to scale up onto all four displays at once. 

Now we’ve entered that aforementioned sci-fi realm.

More Futuristic Additions

If all this isn’t giving you excitable heart palpitations, the high tech possibility of a 110-inch viewing experience is supported by the Displace TV wireless base station. From there, you can stream to multiple displays via Wi-Fi 6E. You’ll have several video inputs to control simultaneous connections from various sources, as well as an intuitive smart TV interface. You’ll find battery slots at the top and bottom. Side handles to enable a relatively easy mount and dismount. It’s the pitch-and-expand ability that really impresses though – this function will surely draw a room full of gasps at upcoming demonstrations.  

Finally, let us address any grievances that might’ve already surfaced in your mind. Rest assured the Displace TV uses active loop vacuum tech to draw a low amount of power from the batteries. You can also affix the set to a surface without any mountable hardware – just clench the latches on the sides, pull and the panel’s vacuum seal will be released. It’s a pretty lightweight TV as well, contrary to what you might be thinking (weighing in at about 16 pounds). So, there’s the option to switch rooms, push to mount the TV on another wall and resume your viewing if you’re suddenly chased from your nest. 

You know what that means? No more straining to hear your favourite show, or clambering for the volume controls, during those heated family debates.

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