8 Futuristic Fridges You Wish You Had: The Weird and Wonderful


Fridges are a wonderful invention, but they are mostly taken for granted nowadays by people who don’t know any different. Before fridges were a common household appliance, people had to store their food in the part of the house that got the least amount of sun! The fridges of today not only chill our food, but come with various features…and some are pretty darn impressive! Here’s 8 futuristic fridges you wish you had:

1. Electrolux i-Kitchen DT80X

This fridge features a smart LCD touchscreen panel, which lets users display their most treasured digital photos, look through the vast electronic cookbook, and even leave digital notes. This fridge makes it a real joy to spend time in the kitchen, and is useful with other everyday tasks!

2. GE Cafe Series

This is the very first fridge of it’s kind, offering boiling hot water as well as ice cold water. Amazing! You can throw that kettle right out. It’s also very easy to use due to the great LCD display. Make all your favourite hot drinks with the help of your fridge! You can find similar fridges at www.alexanders-direct.co.uk.

3. LG Smart Thinq

This system is Android powered and connects to your wi-fi network. It’s the perfect way to keep track on what you can have for dinner, as it knows what you have in your fridge and how long it’s been in there for. You can even make a shopping list and then download to your smartphone!

4. Samsung T9000

This fridge offers many impressive features, including Twitter integration and a 10 inch touch screen! You can share recipes, photos, and other documents with friends. Wondering what the weather is going to be like today? Ask this fridge!

5. Corner Fridge

Usually, fridges are rectangular and pretty darn boring. The corner fridge is the perfect fridge to fit snugly into your corner, offering much more space and a great focal point to your kitchen. Great for making space and utilising the corner of the room!

6. Food Teleporting Fridge

A designer called Dulyawat Wongnawa came up with this fridge concept, so unfortunately it isn’t a reality yet. However, it would be amazing if we were to see this in our kitchens some time soon! You can easily transport your food from one place to another, meaning you never have to go food shopping again!

7. See Through Fridge

Another concept, this fridge lets you view the contents without opening the door. Simply press your finger on the door to transform it from opaque to transparent in a matter of seconds.

8. The Gel Fridge

The gel fridge is the fridge we wanted to save until last, as it’s the most innovative design we could find. Again this is a concept fridge, so you won’t be seeing it in anybodies home just yet. A special green gel is used to store your food and drink inside. There are no shelves, which means that every inch of the fridge can be used for storage. The gel doesn’t smell, and it’s not sticky either!

Some of these fridges are available to own now, while we’ll probably have to wait a few more years for others. Which one would you have in your kitchen? We love the gel fridge idea!

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