Christmas (2014) Buyer’s Guide…for the Confused Video Game Fanatic


There’s never really been a better time to be into video gaming. For example, we have all sorts of high-tech, top-of-the-line goodies to consider as well as stuff that’s pretty much “retro” in character – the world is pretty much your oyster at this point. Having said that, with so many choices out there it’s hard not to be a bit intimidated or even completely lost when it comes to actually picking stuff out. That’s exactly why we put this handy little list together – to help you out…

Sony PlayStation 4


Without a doubt, the hottest console around has got to be the PS4. Not only is it a clear sales leader, racking up a staggering 10 million units sold in a relatively short amount of time, but its popularity is ever-growing it seems. Likewise, there’s now a steady stream of games landing on a monthly basis too, meaning you’ll always have something interesting to play, online or off. Much has also been said about how powerful the unit is, how it basically matches a high-end PC or beyond in terms of performance. 8th generation consoles certainly seem to have turned a big curve, if you will, and clearly the PS4 is treading new water into interesting territory (with power to spare).

If you ARE considering picking one up this X-mas, you’ll likely be wanting to compliment it with some of the great titles already available, like GTA V, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, The Last of Us, Far Cry 4, Infamous: Second Son., and the like… However, why not take a chance on something coming out around the holidays, eh? As you well know, major publishers and developers often time their releases to coincide with Christmas, so there’s a very good chance that you might get first dibs on a really awesome game. Some contenders include:

As you might have guessed, the best is yet to come of course, with all sorts of wild, wonderful and severely interesting titles planned for an early 2015 series of releases. Moreover, Sony has plans to implement its emerging VR technology, which is part of their “Project Morpheus” initiative (meant to challenge the dominance of the Oculus Rift).   Apparently they’re making excellent progress in this area too, as evidenced by recent demos at various trade shows. Assuming they device a system for easily enabling VR in virtually any title (and lets’ face it, that’s probably what it’s going to end up being), then they could totally jump-start a new revolution.

Microsoft Xbox One


Similarly, Microsoft’s Xbox One has plenty of power and appeal to its credit. This console has been overshadowed by the overwhelming success of Sony’s outing, but don’t’ let that fool you, it’s ALSO an amazing machine that’s more than capable of handing AAA titles without batting an eye. As you might have guessed, many of the biggest games to land in the last year or so have dropped on multiple platforms. In other words, the thing to remember is that all of those games you’ve seen on the PlayStation 4 are probably also on Xbox One. At the same time though, the One has its own stable of interesting exclusives to consider, like…

Having been a bit overshadowed and downtrodden, the One is now picking up new steam and rolling forward with all sorts of new ideas. Even though it might have taken the console a while to form a good stride, rest assured, they’re doing OK. All in all, it could be said that the One is basically an even trade for the PS4, at least on a technical level, that is.

Sony PlayStation 3


Hey, who said you had to get the newest, shiniest thing out there to still have loads of fun? Before the PS4, obviously we had the PS3, which is in many ways still a more developed and appealing console than its big brother. Not only are there plenty of gret games already out there for the taking, but it actually remains viable as a platform in its own right. This is a truly weird scenario in all honesty, there really hasn’t ever been a time where video game companies were providing new games and support for last generation equipment, which only further illustrates just how amazing the PS3 and its ilk truly are. Graphically it’s pretty much right there in the same ballpark too, which is nice and means that such a console is a perfect companion for large HDTV’s.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360

Depending on who you talk to, the 360 was either the 7th generation winner or at the very least, the runner up. Most people who actually owned / own one will of course be more than happy to tell you all about its many wonderful features as well as blather out a list of great games to check out.. Needless to say, the fact that new titles are still being released for this unit only further strengthens the ties that gamers have with this sleek little console. You can literally find several GOTY (game of the year) edition packages for it well under $10-$15, which is really a complete steal at those kinds of prices. You’re going to want to get Minecraft and Skyrim, of course, but perhaps also Both Borderlands and also Fallout 3: GOTY edition for good measure.

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

Feeling the heat from failing to produce another supremely powered 3D graphics machine, Nintendo decided to shift ther attention away from the vanilla Wii and onto the Wii U, which is basically a more feature-laden and powerful console that’s more angled toward gamers expressly seeking fun. This isn’t to say that the other machines on this list are devoid of good times, only that Nintendo products are known for exhibiting a certain flair and style that many find to be highly appealing, to say the least. Naturally, you’ll want to be on the lookout for these gems:

That’s about it, really, we could go into much more detail but that would take all day long. …oh yeah, there are also some great handhelds to keep in mind if you’re really into mobile gaming and want something a bit more capable than your average smartphone. Many will immediately point out how cool the Nintendo 3DS XL is, or perhaps Sony’s Vita, but you should also keep protable set top consoles like the Ouya in mind, not to mention Nvidia’s Shield, which is underappreciated.

You know what they say; Christmas only comes around once a year, so treat yourself or someone you love to some good holiday cheer with some awesome video game gear and tech.

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