Nokia 1100: Will it Return?



The Nokia 1100, originally launched in the early 2000s, is a legend in the mobile phone world. Renowned for its durability and simplicity, it was the go-to phone for basic mobile needs. Recently, buzz around the “Nokia 1100 5G” has brought this classic model back into the limelight.

Nokia 1100: The Classic Phone

The original Nokia 1100 was a symbol of reliability. It offered essential features like calling, texting, a long-lasting battery, and the iconic game, Snake. Its robust design made it almost indestructible, a feature much appreciated in a world before smartphones.

Nokia 1100 Phone: Features and Design

The Nokia 1100 boasted a compact, user-friendly design. Key features included:

  • Monochrome display
  • Dust-resistant keyboard
  • Torchlight
  • Preloaded games
  • Vibration and ringtone alerts

Nokia 1100 5G: A Modern Twist

Recent rumors and leaks suggest a possible release of a Nokia 1100 5G version. This new iteration is expected to retain the simplicity of the original but with modern upgrades like 5G connectivity, possibly catering to those seeking basic phone functionalities with high-speed internet.

1100 Nokia: A Legacy of Durability

The legacy of the Nokia 1100 is its durability. It set a benchmark for how resilient a mobile phone could be, often surviving drops and spills that would damage other phones.

Nokia 1100 Price: Affordability Redefined

One of the key selling points of the original Nokia 1100 was its affordability. If the 5G version follows suit, it could be an economical option for those needing a basic, reliable, and high-speed internet-enabled phone.

Nokia 1100 Mobile: A Look at Model RH-15

The Nokia 1100 came in various models, including the RH-15. These models had slight variations catering to different markets but maintained the core features that defined the Nokia 1100 series.

Where Can I Buy Nokia 1100?

The original Nokia 1100 can often be found in second-hand markets or online retailers specializing in vintage phones. As for the rumored 5G version, details about availability and retail channels are still speculative.

Comparison Table: Nokia 1100 vs. Other Basic Phones

Feature/Phone ModelNokia 1100Nokia 3310 (2017)Samsung Guru Music 2JioPhone
DisplayMonochrome2.4″ Color2.0″ TFT2.4″ TFT
Connectivity2G2G/3G2G4G VoLTE
Battery LifeUp to 400 hrs standbyUp to 600 hrs standbyUp to 800 hrs standbyUp to 360 hrs standby
CameraNo2 MPNo2 MP rear, 0.3 MP front
Music FeaturesBasic ringtoneFM radio, MP3 playerFM radio, MP3 playerFM radio, MP3 player
DurabilityExtremely durableDurable, Classic designStandard durabilityStandard durability with smartphone features
Special FeaturesTorchlight, Preloaded gamesRevamped Snake game, BluetoothDual SIM, Music dedicated buttonWi-Fi, GPS, NFC, Smartphone apps
Price RangeLow (vintage/second-hand)Low to MediumLowLow to Medium
Target AudienceBasic users, NostalgiaBasic users, Retro enthusiastsBasic users, Music loversBudget-conscious smartphone

Enhancing User Experience

  • How to Block a Number: The original Nokia 1100 did not have a number-blocking feature, but the 5G version might include this in its software.
  • Locking the Keypad: A simple key combination enabled keypad locking on the original 1100, ensuring no accidental calls or texts.


The Nokia 1100, both in its original form and the anticipated 5G version, stands as a testament to Nokia’s commitment to durability, simplicity, and affordability. As the world moves towards more complex smartphones, the Nokia 1100 remains a cherished icon, reminding us of the days when a phone’s value was in its straightforward, reliable functionality.

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