NVIDIA is releasing its new “Shield” gaming console on July 31st


Although you may know them as the company that produces graphics-related equipment, NVIDIA is about to make a rather large and somewhat calculated move to introduce an entirely new gaming console.  The new handheld console is called “Shield” and makes use of Google’s Android technology.  In essence, the rather compact console is a little mini graphical powerhouse containing what has been dubbed “the world’s fastest mobile processor”, the NVDIA Tegra 4.

Taking a look at the unit itself, it’s basically a conventional-looking controller with an LCD screen attached to the top of it.  But don’t let that rather simple description of the console deceive you into thinking that it’s makeshift or shoddy in any way, on the contrary, “Shield” is very well constructed and quite capable when it comes to running a wide variety of software.

Aside from being able to play android and mobile games, the unit can also tackle titles like Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Dead Island: Riptide, Devil May Cry (DMC 5), F1 2012, F1 Race Stars, Grand Theft Auto 4, Half-life 2, Metro: Last Light, Portal 2, Pressure, Resident Evil 6, Skyrim, Star Trek, Tomb Raider 2013 and others when its low-latency Wi-Fi connection is linked directly to a GeForce GTX GPU-compatible PC.

After being at the forefront of gaming for so long it’s a wonder that it’s taken NVIDIA this long to produce a console or unified gaming platform.  Regardless, according to statements released by the company they’ve rigorously tested the console in order to ensure that there are no bugs or glitches to deal with.  The console itself will carry a price tag of $299 and is set to be sold exclusively online at this particular time (although that might be subject to change if it becomes extremely popular).

The controller itself is very sturdy and has been called a “console-grade” piece of hardware.  Likewise, there’s a multi-touch display perched atop the unit which provides precision control as well as crisp visuals.  NVIDIA has stated on multiple occasions that this move is designed to meet the demands of a public that’s increasingly moving toward “episodic” mobile gaming.  In other words, you might find that many people tend to game in spurts throughout the day, and the Shield console is designed to take advantage of that.  Moreover, this could also be seen as an attempt to compete with the influx of free-play games which have made their way onto tablets and smartphones which are usually promoted and shared via social media.  Of course with Shield we’re talking about moving away from the simplicity of that formula and more towards an integration of the concept with that of more traditional gaming.

To learn more about “Shield” or pre-order the console, please visit this site:  http://shield.nvidia.com/

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