O2 Begins 4G Mobile Broadband Trial


Whilst many other countries have begun offering 4G services in towns and cities, the UK hasn’t even started yet. O2 are installing 25 masts throughout London, and over one thousand individuals will be invited to test out the service. John Lewis store staff will be just some of the individuals invited to test out the service, O2 customers and selected small businesses establishments. BT have recently started a trial in Cornwall, which begun May 25th this year. Trial members of the 4G service will be able to surf the internet at speeds of nearly 100mbps.

O2 UK chief Ronan Dunne: “Today’s launch of the UK’s first 4G London trial network demonstrates our commitment to delivering 4G to our customers at the earliest opportunity, the work we are doing now will lay the foundations for our commercial 4G network when it launches in the UK.”

The UK government will allow mobile phone operators to start bidding for 4G sometime later in 2012, which is likely to raise nearly £4bn.

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