Which 2014 smartphone is best for gaming?


Anybody that has a smart phone these days knows that they play mobile games in order to entertain themselves while out and about. This is because mobile phones have become so much more powerful that they can play entertaining games very easily. Take for example online casino games like those found at Gaming Club online casino – you are used playing these at home on your computer. However now through your phone’s web browser you can actually access the exact same games on your mobile phone.

Google Nexus 5 gaming

It obviously comes down to which operating system you like the best however the android operating system will offer you more options when it comes to handsets. One of the best handsets is made by Google themselves has called the Google Nexus 5. This phone is incredibly powerful with a quad core processor and terms of RAM so that you can always get better performance out of this and the games you play.

galaxy note s3 gaming

The Samsung Galaxy note 3 is this is an incredible phone that is just as powerful as the Nexus five however it has a slightly larger touchscreen, 5.7 inches. Many people actually prefer larger screens these days as it allows them to do more things on a mobile phone without straining their eyes.

Obviously though if you do not like the android system then you might want to go with the Apple operating system and so would want the Apple iPhone 5S as this is their latest offering for anybody who wants an Apple phone. This phone is just as powerful as its competitors and so you can be sure that you will get the same performance out of it. The main difference is the fact that the operating system works in many different ways so you will have a different workflow of this phone compared to the others.

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