One for All Wireless TV Sender SV1730 Review


The One for All Wireless TV Sender is the ultimate solution if you need to transmit TV signals to another TV unit in a different location. The SV1730 lets you share TV channels or video recordings with another television without using wires. It features “zero interference” technology that lets the transmitter send video and audio signals around your home with excellent quality. Even if the second TV is in another room, you will still get crystal clear pictures and highly audible audio.

This item is an excellent purchase for families who have more than one television set. Because it is wireless, you do not need to interconnect your TV sets through cords. You will never have to bother with hiding them just to make your interior design neat. But the strength of the unit does not end there because the true advantages that it can bring lies in its features.

Product Features

The One for All Wireless TV sender disseminates audio and video signals across the house through ceilings and walls. Clearly, the SV1730 will work in every home regardless of its design. The transmitter has a range of 100 meters, making it possible to send signals to the TV upstairs or to the TV across the room. This way, fun in watching your favorite shows will not be confined only to the living room. If you are a cable subscriber, you can share the channels with another TV without any difficulty.

The SV1730 features a “plug and play” design. Simply connect the device to your primary and secondary TV set and you can enjoy watching your shows in just a few moments. It also includes an extender for the remote controller. If your previous remote controller limits your movement because of its limited range, you can now move around without losing control of the TV set. The SV1730 is designed to work for all brands of TV.

Other wireless TV transmitters are susceptible to interferences that is why One For All developed the “Zero Interference” technology. Other electronic devices that send wireless signals will not affect the signals transmitted by the device. As a result, you get uninterrupted, crystal clear and audible sound. The quality of the sound and the picture will not even diminish even if the TV is in another room or is on the second floor.

More About the Manufacturer

It is important to learn about the manufacturer before buying any product and the same principle applies to the SV1730. One for All is known as the inventor of the Universal Remote Controller. Through this technology, consumers can now easily purchase a single remote controller that can be used to operate several devices. On top of that, One for All is recognized and awarded for its quality products and services that ensure optimum usage.


Because the One for All SV1730 comes from a reputable manufacturer, you can be sure about the quality of the device. Apart from that, the product provides a simple yet useful functionality that lets you share your favorite content with another TV. If you need a device like this, the One for All Wireless TV Sender SV1730 will definitely be a good buy.

Rating – 8 / 10

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