What Are The Most Popular Uses Of The Internet?




Although it has not been around all that long, the Internet already feels like a part of our daily lives which we couldn’t do without. The fact is, there are so many ways to use the Internet that it has become integrated with our lives in numerous ways. In can be hard to count all the ways in which we use the Internet day-to-day. However, research has revealed the most common uses of the Internet in the world today. Let’s take a look and find out what they are.

Checking Emails

This first one will come as no particular surprise to just about anyone who uses the Internet. Most of us find that we spend a great deal of time checking emails. Well, it’s official: this is the number one reason that people use the Internet. However, that is calculated by amount of time spent, so it might not be the most important in people’s own estimation. Regardless, we do all seem to spend a lot of time checking our emails on a daily basis.

Downloading Music

The music industry has had mixed reactions to the development of the Internet. There have often been complaints of the Internet making piracy a lot easier. This, of course, is inevitably going to be bad news for the artists. However, statistics show that the legal downloading of music is one of the most popular uses of the Web. So perhaps it’s not all bad news for the music industry.




Though it might sound a little vague, research is the third most common reason people log on to the Internet today. If you think about it, this is hardly surprising. Most people need to carry out some kind of research as part of their job. And almost everyone uses the Internet to look up the answers to questions that are bothering them. If you take that to be research too, then there is plenty of it done every day.


It is astounding the way in which the Internet has changed the world of entertainment. Indeed, it looks unlikely that it will ever be the same again. One of the biggest changes in this area is in the way in which people watch television. It is now common for viewers to watch TV using streaming or over-the-top services such as those detailed in this article. This is clear evidence of the way in which the Internet tends to take on older forms of media.



Social Media

It is now a rare thing indeed to come across someone who is not on any social media sites. Add to that the fact that the majority of businesses also use social media and it is clear why they are so popular. Social media has made it that much easier for us to stay connected, even when we are apart. It is probably this aspect of the Internet which appeals to us more than any other. It is hardly surprising, then, that social media is such a popular use of the Internet today.

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