Short on Space? A Guide to Maximising Office Space


No matter what kind of business you’re running, it doesn’t take much for the office to become cluttered and overwhelming. A cluttered office can often have a negative impact on your state of mind, as you find yourself constantly messing around with the things that are left lying around.

It is essential, therefore, that you try and maximise your office space, removing any of the unneeded clutter you might have, of which contributes to your lack of productivity. Getting started, however, can be tough, and so you might be feeling a little uneasy in terms of what you should be doing. Should this be the case, don’t worry, as there are a few easy wins that you can put into action right now to get the results you want.

Digitise Your Office



One of the easiest things you can do in the modern office, is to digitise all of your documents. Digitising your office documents might mean you scan all of your documents, so that you have digital copies of them from this point forward. Scanning documents can often reduce the need for having a huge filing cabinet, that is holding onto all of your old documents, and taking up space in your already small office.

Get Rid of The Junk

Another step that you can take in order to reduce the amount of space that is being taken up in your office is to reduce the amount of junk that is present there. You might have some old computers that are no longer being used, and these might benefit from being thrown out. If you want to help the environment, you can use an IT recycling service, to make the task of removing old computers more eco-friendly.

Improve the Furniture

If you are still struggling for space in your office, you can also think about getting some more compact furniture. Your office chairs might be taking up too much space, or it might be that your desk is too large. In either situation, you have the ability to reduce the size of any furnishings present, and have a much more open office environment.

Have Discipline

After you’ve gone through an office clear out, you’ll be left with much more space that what you had before. Not being used to this space, you might unwittingly find yourself in the same position, only a couple of months down the line. A messy office should not happen again, as it will just mean that you have wasted effort in relation to what you’re doing now. Make a pact with yourself, after cleaning, that you’ll never let it get this bad again!

Super Clean?

A clean, uncluttered office can work wonders for your state of mind. With fewer distractions present, you’ll often find that you are much more productive, and efficient in the way that you’re going about things. However, a clean office is not the end, as the hard work begins when you’re expected to maintain this amazing result you’ve just created, and make sure it stays this way until you get a new office!

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