Slender: The 8 Pages (PC) Review


There are innumerable horror titles out there for the PC, a great number of which have been meticulously designed by major game studios.  However, very few of them are able to match the terror which is induced by a little indie horror title called “Slender: The 8 pages” created by Mark J. Hadley (of Parsec Productions).  So, just what is it that makes “Slender” so scary, you ask?  Your only task is to collect 8 pages which are strategically placed around a fairly large map, the problem of course is that you are almost always pursued by the mythical, now legendary, “Slenderman”, who doesn’t have a face and can only attack you when you look at him.  Needless to say, this mechanic provides all the action and the random nature of the A.I. ensures that you won’t always encounter “Slendy” in the same situation(s).  In other words, it’s the randomness mired in the “don’t look behind you” mechanic which generates all the tension and fear.


Built using the Unity engine, “Slender: The 8 Pages” isn’t exactly the most graphically stunning game out there, but then again, that’s not really the goal here.  Instead, you are presented with a fairly discernibly realistic atmosphere which you must navigate, alone, and in the dark, armed only with your trusty flashlight.  Simply put, the game builds upon the already sparse and foreboding landscape with audio cues which are triggered by visual events.  For example, if you turn around and spot Slenderman out of the corner of your eye, you’ll be greeted by a semi-orchestral cacophony that will certainly make your spine tingle and cause “goosebumps” to spring up all over your body.   Moreover, because the game is very stable and lax in terms of system requirements, virtually anyone can download and play this wonderful game, making it into an instant classic of sorts.


As previously described, the game mechanics are extremely straightforward.  All you have to do is collect 8 pages from around the map.  Of course the problem is that slenderman has a way of picking the worst possible time to show his non-face, which makes this somewhat difficult.  Also, as you collect more pages, the intensity of the music increases and “Slendy” also tends to become more aggressive.  In other words, by the time you collect 6 pages you’re going to become extremely anxious with every corner you turn, which makes the game as interesting as it is nerve-wracking.

Slender The 8 Pages -


If you have yet to play “Slender: The 8 Pages” you should do so ASAP.  It is arguably one of the greatest indie games to ever be developed and released freely to the public.  What’s more, Slender is also very easy to set up, run and play, which means that it has a very wide appeal on multiple fronts.  In short, there’s a reason why this game enjoys a somewhat “legendary” status on the internet.

Dowload “Slender: The 8 pages” here and experience it for yourself today.

Rating – 9.3 / 10

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