The rise of OLED and 4k TV’s


Perhaps one of the biggest stories to emerge out of this year’s CES was the emergence of what are being dubbed as “ultra high definition” televisions.  Currently, there are two “flavors”, if you will, of next-generation TV’s being promoted – OLED and 4k.

OLED sets have long been a staple of tech conventions and are known for their enhanced color reproduction as well as their power efficiency.  Anyone that’s simply walked by an OLED display will tell you, it’s head and shoulders above LCD in every regard when it comes to realism and clarity.

Taking picture quality one step further is the 4k TV.  Simply put, the enhanced resolution offered by a 4k set is nothing short of astounding, especially when it comes to the larger varieties.  The problem however, is that we don’t currently have media dedicated to this ultra high defined resolution…yet.  Apparently, companies like Sony are working feverishly to produce “upsampled” blu-ray movies that can be displayed on a 4k set though, so at least we can say that some basic solutions are being sought after.

Should you buy an OLED or 4k TV?  Currently, OLED TV’s are all the rage, mostly because they’re more readily available and a bit more affordable than the ridiculously expensive 4k varieties.    It has been said by many that “unless your screen is very large, you likely won’t notice a distinctive difference in picture quality between HD and OLED/4k”.  In other words, unless you’re planning on splurging on a very large OLED/4k set, you won’t be that impressed.

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