Tech 2016: What should be Expected?


We now live in a world where each year technology seems to advance at a vibrant pace, something that was once witnessed at a far slower step and on a far wider route. This article explores what 2016 is expected to bring within the realms of technology.

Virtual RealityVR Technology sony

As the gaming world exploded back in 2013 with the launch of Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s XBOX One, the next advancement will be arriving soon. Virtual Reality will provide gamers with a whole new experience, which is designed to take them into the game, rather than just engage within a real world environment. It will be interesting to see just how big virtual reality can become, however, it’s sure to bring a whole new dimension to what we are currently familiar with. Game developers are also working on some exciting sub-genres not currently available.



It looks stunning and you can already grab a 4K resolution TV. However, it’s 2016 when things are set to be big for this technology. That’s partly because you’ll be able to pick up a quality 4K TV at a far more reasonable price. With content in this resolution lacking, it’s perhaps this very area that will help to surge this technology. Imagine watching the new live sporting event in this full-clarity resolution – it’s sure to make 1080p old-school. Which brings another question, just what can 4K res do for gaming? Whichever way you look at it, a new resolution standard is incoming and it’s something to be excited about.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

One area that seems to feel stale when thinking about advancements has to be battery life. Tablets and smartphones have got thinner, screens bigger, cameras with increased resolutions – but battery life is doing nothing more than supporting the tech advances in those other areas. Wouldn’t it be great to hear about a smartphone or tablet that could go 48 hours with hardcore usage without needing a charge? Surely 2016 is the year we hear about such an advancement.  It’s long-time overdue and could transform the majority of portable tech.



The idea that you could whiteness the likes of 2Pac at an event is already possible – thanks to new hologram technology. What’s more, holograms are proving to deliver a very realistic experience. The real question is: where can holograms take us as a technology? Perhaps they could eventually replace the physical provider of content in its basic form. After all, it’s already rumoured that smartphones, tablets and TVs could begin to explore this exciting technology soon.

Social Media

mark zuckerberg

Things seem to have currently stabilised in the world of social media. Facebook’s dominance has continued to grow, but like everything, there is a peak. As Mark Zuckerberg is expected to spend his billions on good causes – his primary interest is sure to slowly fade, making room for new comers. In fact, Facebook is about to expand towards a business network, tailored towards something potentially more profitable. In other words, Facebook is at its peak, and things could soon go in a new direction for the social network. Expect niche networks to grow throughout 2016.

Expansion of Internet Users


Wouldn’t it be amazing if anyone in the world could connect to the internet? As most of the western world are connectable somehow, the real question is how those living in poorer countries can also have some kind of accessibility. After all, installing expensive fibre optics is simply not an option for many countries. However, 2016 is expected to bring new ideas to the table, these include 5G mobile internet and large-scale satellite internet. Simply put, over 3 billion people across the globe don’t currently have the ability to access the web. It’s an area that won’t just be addressed at a commercial scale, but government, too.

Which tech advancements are you hoping to see as we progress through 2016? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

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