6 of the Greatest Apps for Travel


Travelling is by no means easy or stress free, but there are ways you can make it so. Without droning on and on here, I’m going to help you out by giving you 6 of the greatest apps for travel. Download these on your smartphone or tablet to really get your travel plans off to the best start!


If you want an extra detailed run down of the weather in the area you’re visiting, you can’t get any better than this app. You’ll get all of the information you could ever want, including humidity and wind speed. If this app says that it’s sunny, you can bet it’s time to pack your swim gear.

JetLag Genie

If you’re travelling to a place where you’ll obviously suffer from jetlag, you need the Jetlag genie. This app will help you to adjust to your new time setting, and all you have to do is input the vital information of your trip. Soon enough, your sleeping habits will be in sync and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip more.

Packing Pro

Packing can be stressful. So much so, that an app has been created to help us! Packing pro just needs to know where we’re going, how long for and who we’re going with. With this information, it can then give you a list of suggested items to take with you. The items are split into groups too, making it extra simple for you to pack. This is one of the best trip planning apps there is!


Skype is the best app for keeping in touch with friends and family while you’re on your travels. All you need is your Skype login and you’re good to go. This is a good idea if you have kids at home, or if you’re travelling alone and want to put your family’s mind at rest. If you have a wi-fi connection, you can make your calls for free. You can also send instant messages! Definitely worth downloading.

TravelSafe Pro

This app could literally save your life, and I don’t think you could ask for much more from an app. It contains emergency numbers for almost any country you could think of visiting, so you never have to worry about being left in the lurch. You can even make it simple to call the emergency services using the app.


This app is fantastic for planning your next trip, or even for making a note of places you’d like to visit as you travel. Simply drop a pin there and you can keep a note of the places you want to go. Not only that, you can create your own maps. Places you want to visit in New York, for example, or even places you love in your home town. It’s never been easier!

If you make sure you have the above 6 apps on your smartphone or tablet before you travel, you’ll have a much better time. Whether you want to check the weather or make sure you’ve packed the essentials, they’ve got it covered. Enjoy!

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