The 8 Best Apps Like TikTok (2023)


We at Techdaring HQ love TikTok, or the Tok as it’s affectionately known, but as you tech boffins know, new apps are emerging at a rate of knots. 

TikTok has been an extraordinary success story, becoming one of the most downloaded social media platforms in less than five years. Most teenagers first embraced it as a fun way to create short videos with friends or lip-sync to popular songs.

But since 2017, its popularity has spread far beyond just teens – everyone from celebrities to politicians has taken to TikTok and used its unique capabilities. Although you know the death knoll has struck for TikTok when politics gets its foot in the door.

In recent years, both Instagram reels and Twitter Fleets (since scraped) have copied some elements of TikTok but lack many of the features that Tokers love.

So, while the Tok continues to reinvent itself and grow, what other apps are out there that offer something similar? Let’s take a look at the 8 best TikTok alternatives for 2023.

TikTok alternatives



So what’s next on the horizon for TikTok alternatives? Many apps offer something similar to TikTok, with their unique take on video creation.

The first app we’ll look at is Snapchat vs TikTok. Both social media platforms allow you to create short videos. Still, Snapchat focuses more on storytelling than lip-syncing, so it might appeal more to those who like to express themselves through stories or mini vlogs, but the main thing Snappers like are the streaks.

Snapchat streaks, known to Snappers as Snapstreaks, keep track of how many messages in a row you send a receive to one person in your contact list. It’s a fun way to stay connected with your friends, and you get points for keeping your streaks up.

But unlike other apps, points don’t make prizes, so what’s the point? You get unique emojis next to your streaker’s name. Let’s hope Erica Roe is not on this app; the amount of melon emojis would take up the entire screen.



YouTube is another excellent alternative to TikTok, offering its own twist on short video content. Here you’ll find a more extensive range of videos, from educational tutorials and product reviews to comedy sketches and music videos.

Plus, YouTube has a massive support network for content creators (although some would dispute this), so there are plenty of opportunities to get discovered here if you want to grab some online fame.



Next up in the app store is Vmate – an Indian-based social media platform that boasts over 100 million users worldwide. Their interface is similar to TikTok’s primary focus is entertainment through music videos and dance challenges rather than lip-synching and storytelling.

I’d stick to Tiktok because Vmate is no friend of yours.



Likee started as an app for making lip-sync videos but quickly expanded to a full-fledged social media platform. Now, like TikTok, it offers users the choice of creating short videos or stories, playing games with their friends, and discovering new content from various categories.

There’s nothing to like about Likee because it’s not a safe place for children. Even if they are merely surfing, Likee is dangerous if they contribute their unique content. You cannot set your Likee account to be private, unlike other social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.

As they say on Blind Date – no lighty no likee. Say NO to Likee; there are better options out there.

Vigo Video


Vigo Video, once known as Flapagram, is another fun app that encourages users to create short clips and share them on the platform. It strongly focuses on comedy, so if you’re looking for funny video content, this is worth checking out.

Plenty of cool filters allow you to have creative fun with your videos and add extra humour unless you’re in India. Then, you can forget it, as it got shut down in 2020.

It’s a pass from us.


For those who want to take their video-making skills up a notch, Funimate is a reasonable alternative to TikTok. Here you’ll find an abundance of special effects and animation tools which allow users to create more compelling video content than their competitors.

And if you’re feeling brave, there are hundreds of music tracks to choose from and a lip-sync battle mode for those who want to challenge their friends (meh).



Cheez is another Indian app that can be described as an entertainment hub for users who want to create and watch funny videos or other forms of content. The app has a large community of creators and allows users to engage in forums with peers and participate in challenges such as Dubsmash competitions.

It might deliver a different quality content level than TikTok, but if you’re looking for something new, it could be worth checking out but probably not – in fact, we take it back – just NO!



Here’s a challenger to TikTok, although some say TikTok invented TechNeck – the name that has become synonymous with addictive phone use. 

TechNecks have been growing in popularity, and while they don’t offer many features, they are still quite fun to play around with if you can stay awake long enough.

Spending hours scrolling aimlessly through content is easy, and this app is full of risque videos with questionable content. It’s not recommended for younger users as it can be potentially dangerous. Put your phone down and stand up straight.

So whether you are a Snapper, Toker or Tuber, you will all have one thing in common – you guessed it, Tech Neck – it’s not an app, you fool, it’s a condition, now go out for a walk and get some exercise (without your phone) – you have been told!

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