A Quick & Dirty Guide to Recovering After Your Laptop Has Been Stolen


One of the most devastating things that can happen to a person, in relation to stolen gadgets, is to have their laptop stolen from them. Often home to a vast amount of private and important data, a laptop is often essential to someone in their profession and personal life.

Because of this, it can be devastating when a person becomes a victim of laptop theft, and for many people it can be hard knowing what to do next. In spite of this, there are a few critical things that you should do, once you realise your laptop is no longer in your possession, of which will allow for you to recover.

Trace Your Steps and Do the Basics

Once you realise your laptop is no longer where you left it, it is only natural to assume that you’ve had it stolen from you. However, you might not need to be as concerned as you are, and by retracing your steps, you might be able to find that you just placed it somewhere else.

However, you might also be in luck, as if it is nowhere in the vicinity, someone might still have taken the initiative to hand it into the lost property department, in relation to where you were using it. You might therefore benefit, by speaking to the owner, in terms of the building  in which it went missing. They will be able to check their lost and found section and possibly help you get your computer back.

If the laptop is not in the lost and found section, one of the people in charge might still be able to help you analyse some CCTV footage of the area, of which might help you see who took it. This CCTV footage could be handed to the police, of whom will be able to act on it, and help you recover your stolen laptop.

Make Use of Any Tracking Applications You Have

You might have already prepared for a situation like this and, therefore, installed some specialist tracking applications on your laptop, similar to the popular Find my Mac app. If you installed an application like this, then you just need to fire this application up, and find out who took your laptop and where they’re currently situated. Once you know this information, you could notify the police, of whom will be able to help you recover your device from a potentially dangerous individual.

Get in Touch With Insurance Companies

If you still struggle to find your laptop, your next best option might be to speak to an insurance company. They will be able to provide you with a payout for the laptop, so you can go and get a new one. Of course, this depends on whether or not you had coverage in the first place, and if you had taken out cover in relation to theft.

Back to Normal?

Recovering, after you’ve had your laptop stolen from you can be a challenging task. You might not know what to do next, as the situation can be one that is busy with stress, preventing you from thinking clearly. However, by taking a moment to check lost and found, or by using a tracking application, you might not need to be as concerned as you are. In any case, even if these steps don’t work, you’ll learn what you can do next time, in order to stop this from happening again.

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