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Grapedata is a platform to gather surveys. GrapeData aims to close the information gap between the financial sector and ordinary people. By matching respondents to your unique research needs using artificial intelligence, the software makes it rewarding for users to conduct surveys on any device. Clients can gather and cleanse data specific to their industry since the data is utilised and collected by the most recent regulatory rules. The culture of GrapeData is the ideal synthesis of creativity, cooperation, and excellence. When the company adopts your ideas, it feels satisfying. Due to its many strengths, advantages, and benefits, the survey method is favoured by many researchers among the other lamen data collection methods for research purposes. 

Read on to learn about some other efficient apps similar to grapedata, which will help you with your surveys. 



You can utilise crowdsourcing as a simple, enjoyable approach to apply your skills to contribute to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. Crowdsourcing asks brief, straightforward questions about your language or community. Additionally, Crowdsource provides open-source datasets for non-Google applications to advance machine learning globally. You can select from a variety of tasks on the Crowdsource Home screen. It offers 24-hour service, quick and straightforward transcription solutions, and what now. It provides fast and efficient data solutions. With crowdsourcing as a benefit, large-scale copywriting can also be made accessible.



The SwiftHires staff is committed to providing your area’s most recent and pertinent jobs. It is a two-sided, carefully managed talent marketplace that links top, expanding organisations with immediately available job searchers. It has a user interface that encourages engagement and retention and lets candidates finish crucial preliminary tasks before visiting your offices. The difficulties of compiling the documentation and forms required for background checks are removed with SwiftHire. Additionally, they streamline the procedure for your comfort and maintain the security of your business while reducing the danger of fraud. Why bother when you can do everything with a single click?



Crowdsprint blends a crowd-testing platform with 30 years of software testing expertise. It offers crowdsourced app testing services for cloud-based, mobile, and online applications. You may significantly reduce error rates and speed up time to market by testing projects on devices with actual consumers. Because other platforms were not providing their customers with good value, it developed a platform to fill the void in its market. Crowdsprint aims to provide you with start-up to enterprise-level crowdsourced testing solutions and services, delivered over a market-leading testing Crowdsprint platform, making website and app testing for businesses more transparent, understandable, and affordable.



It’s another option to have, just like grapedata. The quick, simple, and enjoyable way to get paid for your opinion is through By voicing an idea, you may quickly and safely earn money from home while also assisting your favourite brands in evolving and expanding. The websites under examination were free of cost and didn’t demand any knowledge or expertise. The only thing left to do is to begin taking surveys after completing the Surveyjury Registration. Depending on how many questions you choose to answer and how quickly you go through each one, the survey may take 10, 15, or even longer.



The marketplace for independent contractors, self-employed individuals, and businesses is all covered with freelancermap. It offers information and links appropriate for your knowledge and ability level. The projects are superior on this website and are 100 per cent real. In-depth information about the task and job description is also provided beforehand. Match their skills requirements with yours, upload your résumé, and wait for a response. It rewards your labour by paying you more and is fully user-friendly. Up to two job postings can be made by primary users each month. The basic membership is unrestricted and cost-free.



Inovatis designs, prototypes, and produces laboratory furniture and healthcare devices as a specialist in high-quality goods. With a unique twist, Inovatis is a web host and advertising agency that enables 1-page web hosting for landing pages or so-called splash pages for your goods and services. The engineering staff at Inovatis, meantime, makes sure that only premium, long-lasting materials and finishes are used in our finished product.



A platform for crowdsourcing financial services, Lanjinrong offers credit cards, insurance, auto insurance, personal loans, and other services. The organisation wants to inform its audience about many financial issues, including risk management, investing, and more.

Have you ever run into trouble while studying a challenging topic? Or have you ever been curious about a specialised subject? A global expert network can be helpful in this situation. Apps like grapedata and many others have helped people to earn their livelihood. Not just that, such apps have been helping society with their information and authenticity. 

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