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The 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you’re hosting a party, looking for some extra reinforcement for a presentation, or just hoping to relax at home with some of your favourite tunes, you could do a lot worse than a Bluetooth speaker. The best Bluetooth speakers out there are extremely portable, but they don’t sacrifice sound quality to achieve that; they sound much bigger and fuller than their small size would suggest they should. Here are the 10 best Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now. 

1. JBL Flip 6


A marked improvement over the JBL Flip 5, the Flip 6 has incredible sound quality and a rugged build that means you won’t damage it even if you drop it or leave it in a dusty environment. You’ll find booming bass and crisp trebles here, with midrange balanced just right for content from music to podcasts. The Flip 6 is also dustproof and waterproof up to IP67 level, so you don’t need to worry if your speaker gets wet during an unexpected downpour.

2. UE Wonderboom 3


We suspect the Wonderboom gets its name from the fact that you’ll be amazed such a tiny speaker can output such incredible sound. The Wonderboom boasts far more bass than it should for its diminutive form factor; it’s only about 10 centimetres high, but it’s got more than enough punch to power your party and still be heard over even the most raucous conversation. It doesn’t have many extra bells and whistles – you won’t be able to call friends on it, for example, as it has no mic – but it’s an excellent speaker nonetheless.

3. Sonos Roam


Sonos is well-known for its excellence in the audio sphere, and the Sonos Roam continues the company’s reputation for great speakers at relatively reasonable prices. While the Sonos Roam isn’t going to challenge Sonos’ bigger and more imposing speakers, like the Sonos Arc soundbar, it’s still a clear, bassy delight in and of itself. In fact, you might find that the bass overpowers the sound somewhat, but if you’re looking for something with a lot of low-end kick, this is the speaker for you.

4. Tribit StormBox Blast


Most Bluetooth speakers are relatively low-key when it comes to looks, but that’s not something you could say about the Tribit StormBox Blast. It looks like a classic old-fashioned ghetto blaster, but happily, it sounds a lot better than those devices from the 80s ever did. With bright, noisy colours and a bright sound to match, the StormBox Blast is a great option if you want a centrepiece for your party. Bear in mind, though, that this speaker is seriously loud.


Much like Sonos, Bose has developed a reputation for excellent sound, and the SoundLink Mini II reinforces that reputation with aplomb. It’s a dinky speaker, small enough to carry with you wherever you might want to go, but it produces a much bigger sound than its slight size implies. Performance has been improved since the original SoundLink Mini, too, with better battery life and quicker charging thanks to the included USB-C port.

6. Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore


If you’re someone who likes to explore the outdoors a lot, then you’ll want a Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore by your side. This speaker is seriously rugged; it’s got a resilient and robust body, so it won’t be troubled if you drop it or if it accidentally tumbles down a hillside. The sound is nothing to be sniffed at, either; music sounds great through this speaker, and while the bass might be a little lacking, you won’t notice when you’re listening to your favourite songs surrounded by nature.

7. Anker Soundcore Flare 2


While you won’t pay a premium for the Anker Soundcore Flare 2, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting premium sound. The audio quality from this speaker is much better than you’d expect at this price point, and the lighting matches the beat of the music you’re listening to, which is a fun extra feature for parties and other gatherings. Crank the volume all the way up and you’ll start to notice the speaker struggling, but even at lower volumes, the Flare 2 should serve your needs.

8. Sony SRS-XG300


Despite its dominance in the gaming and TV spheres, Sony is also well-known for its audio devices, and that’s a legacy continued by the SRS-XG300. This rugged speaker has IP67 resistance, so you can get it a little wet without worrying about whether it’s going to short-circuit. It’s also got a handle for carrying convenience, as well as a 25-hour battery life that should see you through even the most epic parties. The sound quality is nothing to be sniffed at, either, thanks to Sony’s X-Balanced speaker tech.

9. Marshall Stanmore III


If you’re a guitarist or you know someone who’s a guitarist, then you’ll already know how much of a household name Marshall is when it comes to amplifier technology. Marshall’s valve and solid-state offerings are excellent, and its Bluetooth speakers are no slouches either. The Stanmore III has a premium price tag, but it’s got a gorgeous vintage aesthetic and classic Marshall dials to give your party that prestige feel. Naturally, this being Marshall, the sound is great as well.

10. Huawei Sound Joy


Last but not least, we have this offering from Huawei. The form factor might look a little familiar, but don’t let that familiarity put you off; this is an extremely respectable outdoor speaker with a big, punchy, and vibrant sound. The trebles can get a little tinny when you crank the volume all the way up, but the Sound Joy has a sleek aesthetic, room-filling audio, and great battery life. You might want to think twice about this one if you’re an iOS user, though.

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