Top Christmas Themed Video Games (new and old)


Whilst there is a fantastic catalogue of games to reach for at Halloween, it’s not quite the same for Christmas. With a never ending amount of Christmas movies to watch, you’ll still find some hidden gems when it comes to gaming. This list explores a variety of titles which should help get you in the spirit. It might seem obvious, but snow is clearly a key indigent for those wanting to enter the realm of excitement that this month brings just one day each year. Without further ado, let’s get on with it (the new first)…

GTA V: Online

GTA Online christmas dlcThere is a reason as to why GTA V has become one of the world’s bestselling games of all time. Rockstar have created a franchise which takes open-world to a whole new level, and that includes Christmas, too. DLC is an area that has helped continue the longevity of the latest release, helping to keep things new, fresh and ultimately encouraging fans to return for more. With that said, the Christmas DLC is extremely popular, turning the LA based world of GTA into a Christmas gangster’s grotto. It’s sure to solve your festive fix, from snow ball fights to custom weapons and novelty’s, this year is set for more mayhem.

Rocket League

rocket league christmas

The makers of Rocket League wanted to explore new ground – create a new genre and make it popular, and that they did. They didn’t just achieve this by luck, however, it’s the DLC that helps keep this great game alive. Ever imagined using a car as the football or soccer boot? Crazy it might be. But this game hasn’t just won awards, it’s about to turn festive too, all that’s to the latest DLC. You have the ability to add gifts, presents, festive hats and much more – it’s sure to get you in the mood for Christmas.

The Sims 4

the sims 4 christmas

EA’s elite sim franchise seems to grow and, well, grow. There isn’t much else like it and you get to be the god of the family you decide to create. Dressing up your home is a genuine reality that typically comes with Christmas, and you can do just that with many of The Sims titles – that’s all thanks to expansion packs, mods, and downloads. Find the perfect Christmas tree, outfits and ornaments, apply snowy weather effects, and bam! Watch your Sims kick back by the fire as they gear up for the season.

Home Alone

home alone sega
Name a movie classic and you’ll probably consider Home Alone as one. With that said, the classic game also captures the snowy season that the film was set incredibly well. You’ll need a retro console, such as the SEGA Genesis to enjoy this title, or an emulator of some kind, but trust me, it’s worth it.  Each version of the game differs slightly, however, the plot is basically the game – Kevin McCallister’s family forget to take him on their vacation, generally due to the large size of the family. Once they realise, it’s too late. The game, just like the movie, takes you on a journey, which involves Kevin having to escape and create traps for Wet Bandits who burgle the house. This game is all the more enjoyable when combined with watching the film.

Christmas Nights into Dreams

Christmas Nights into Dreams

You’ll need to undust your SEGA Saturn for this classic. It’s a two level game which basically functioned as a demo for the release of Nights. Gameplay involves defeating enemies whilst searching for orbs and collectables – all within the snowy themed world. You rarely find a game that is focused primarily on Christmas, however, Christmas Nights is just that, even if you define it as a demo. If not for nostalgia, this game will provide you with some Christmas energy.

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