The Key Components of a Datacenter


Datacenters are repositories for the storage and management of large quantities of data. Sometimes they can be physical, using hard drives to store data. And others can be virtual. Below we will discuss the key components of a physical datacenter and what it uses to stay functional.


Size and Layout

There are many different types of datacenters of all kinds of different sizes. There are large ones and there are small ones, and how they are laid out has to be tailored to the space on offer. The layout of datacenters is something that has to have lots of thought put into it. The memory and hard drives have to be stacked in a way that makes them all accessible and connected. But they also have to be prevented from overheating. It’s impossible to overestimate how important this is. If it goes wrong, the whole thing can stop working and essential data can be lost. That’s disastrous for any company that runs a datacenter. If the amount of space on offer is small, virtualization can be used. Virtualization enables multiple server instances per datacenter.


Defence and security is a big deal in a datacenter. Viruses can tear through data and completely corrupt large swathes of it if there is nothing to protect it. This is a huge problem, and that’s why having a good firewall in place is so vitally important. These are becoming more common all the time, and that’s because they do the job well. They help to stop hackers, and that’s the most important thing. Datacenters are always top targets for hackers. So, it’s important to take this into consideration for any business that runs a datacenter.


All physical datacenters need to have a network of connected servers that interact. Each server has processors, storage space and input-output capability. This then can all be hooked up to a central control room that is manned by employees. This allows things like maintenance to be carried out remotely without having to tamper with the physical drives. This is the core of the hardware that is used. But a whole load of cables and communication equipment is also needed to keep everything running and functioning as it should. There might also be other forms of specialist equipment used in different datacenters.

Environmental Control

The environment in which data is stored is vitally important. If the air is of poor quality or the temperature is all wrong, this can corrupt the data or cause other serious problems. Therefore, huge amounts of effort has to be put into controlling the environment so that the data is stored safely. The exact equipment that is used can vary from datacenter to datacenter. Most of them will have fans in place, as well as air filters and air conditioners. There are also cooling systems and water tanks that help to control the temperature in the rooms where hard drives are located. Physical barriers can also be used to keep out heat or cold from certain areas.

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