5 Reasons A Sony Camera Should Be On Your List Of 2016 Must-Haves


The technology market is a crowded one, and that’s arguably not more true than it is with cameras. There are so many different brands, lenses and accessories that it can feel overwhelming.

There are several key features you should be looking for in your purchase, and Sony digital cameras encompass these finely. Across the board they’re of a durable build quality and are reasonably priced, but what else makes them stand out? Here are five reasons a Sony camera should be on your list of 2016 must-haves.

They’re durable

Much like how Sony’s PlayStation usually does well in a durability test, their cameras are no different. For a brand that’s as famous as Sony, it’s nice to see they don’t abuse this respect and build a cheap product. It would have been rather easy for them to put together a plastic outer shell, but they didn’t.

Cameras are often taken outdoors and to dangerous areas, so drop risk is high. However, a Sony Cyber-shot would probably be able to withstand most bangs and scrapes. The magnesium alloy casing used in this case makes sure that this is one product you’ll have around for years.

They’re reasonably priced

Sony and pricing don’t have a good history. Their smartphones have been lambasted for being too pricey, and as was their PS3 back in 2006. While it’s true that at launch, Sony overprices their tech, that price comes tumbling down quickly. Now, most of their Cyber-shot range is on par with, if not lower than, its competitors.

Suitable for outdoor/indoor use

Cameras are meant to be versatile bits of kit, suitable for using anywhere. Sony’s cameras, such as the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV, provide great image quality at lower ISO’s. This basically means they’re great in low light levels, and will still produce a good image. So, whether you’re outside at night, or inside during summer, your snaps will remain clear!

Better battery life than rivals

A battery life of between 280 – 320 shots is industry standard, and Sony is usually on the higher end of that. Their RX-100 III will last you that whopping 320 shots a charge, a great amount and one that means you should never run out. So, whether you’re an amateur or a pro, it’s likely that you’ll find a suitable usage time for each product.

Pocketable size

The fact that Sony packs so much great tech into a small camera is awesome. It means you won’t have to shell out for a fancy bag or case. Their cameras will typically slide right in your pocket. If you see something worth snapping, it’s important to be able to get your camera out quickly! And a Sony product will not give you any problems in terms of grip and size.

Choosing a product – especially an expensive one – isn’t always an easy decision. You have to weigh up your needs with what the product provides. A Sony camera nicely fulfils just about every area of photography that somebody would need, making it a fine purchase in any situation.

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