5 Classic Movies Turned Videogame


There’s nothing quite like playing games inspired by some of the best movies to have graced our screens and movie theaters. Although the list of great movie-inspired video games is long, these are some of the most cult classic movies turned amazing video game:



Videogames based on classic movies can have a hard time living up to the standards of the movies. Not so with Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The best part? You get to be a freaking Ghostbuster! A mere fantasy for the majority of us who grew up watching the movies and TV shows, being able to experience the ghost trappings is a dream come true. This 2009 “shooter” game is the best Ghostbuster game to be launched thus far, leaving the NES versions long forgotten.

Jurassic Park


Even watching the Jurassic Park movies today, the CGI remains impressive and the dinosaurs look and behave as real as ever. If you watched the movies when you were younger, you understand just how amazing it is to re-experience the tyrannosaurus rex, whether it’s at Universal Studios in an adrenaline-rushing ride or by playing videogames featuring all your favorite dinos.

Microgaming is responsible for some of the best movie-to-videogame transformations, and they have outdone themselves with their new Jurassic Park online slots game. They have also developed the best online casino software you can find, including games based on Terminator, The Dark Knight, Battlestar Galactica, Hellboy and Tomb Raider. If the Jurassic Park dinos are your lucky charms, give the slots a go. We’re just waiting for the virtual reality version where we actually have to escape from or fight the T-rex!



The Terminator movies are a cult classic, having made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous beyond compare. Any game that involves Terminator robots killing robots is a winner in our books, as it was for all 90s kids who went crazy over this game. It was easily one of the best arcade games to have been created, causing people to wait in line for hours just to give their arcade coin a go and beat the difficult levels. The best part? Schwarzenegger’s voice-over, “Hasta la vista, baby!”

Lord of the Rings


It’s hard to go wrong with interesting characters and an amazing premise like that of the Lord of the Rings, and thankfully the video game The Battle of Helms Deep did not disappoint. If you have ever wanted to experience the books as one of the characters, this Playstation II game is the way to do it. The game lets you slash your way through Middle Earth as one of the main characters including Aragon, Legolas, Gimli and even Isildur. Prepare yourself to battle for the protection of the Elven kingdom or destroy the orc army.

GoldenEye 007


If there was ever a single game to best represent the prominent turn in gaming that was the N64, it was GoldenEye 007. There was not one boy with an N64 at home who did not own a copy of it, making it one of the biggest best-sellers in Nintendo’s history and changing the face of gaming forever. The game was such a hit, that it may have actually saved the Bond franchise movies altogether by bringing it back into popularity. GoldenEye 007 game dons the honor of being the first truly great first person shooter game for a console, and will be fondly remembered by its players no matter how much gaming advances.

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