UK Set to Spend £145 Million on High-Tech Infrastructure


The UK government believe that the country should be the leaders for technology, and are continuing to provide grants and funding to support the advances.

The £145 million funding was announced Monday, and will be spent on software development, data storage, and high performance computing.

“There are elements of the e-infrastructure that no private-sector company will invest in, as they do not require sole use of these assets,” a BIS spokeswoman said.

“Significantly improving computing infrastructure is vital to driving growth and giving businesses the confidence to invest in the UK,” science minister David Willetts said, as quoted in a BIS statement. “It has the potential to significantly improve the design and manufacturing process, encouraging innovation across a whole range of sectors.”

“The investment will also be of enormous benefit to our world-class research base. It will enable universities to carry out highly sophisticated research and archive more data, keeping us at the very leading edge of science,” Willetts said.

It was also announced on Monday that the government were allocating £50m for graphene research, while the UK’s mobile telecoms infrastructure was given £150m for new masts.

The government have also recently supported British Telecom with a £520 grant, which will be added to BT’s £2.5billion allocated spending for superfast broadband installations, and this is to ensure that over two-thirds of the UK by the end of 2015 will have access of up to 80mbps superfast broadband.

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The UK government believes that by spending big on technology advances, more people will want to invest in the UK from overseas, and more work will be available for citizens via the internet and locally.

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