VR Comeback: Could 2023 Be Biggest Year Yet?


The first VR goggles seemed to herald the start of a new era – for a second, there were rumours we might all be uploading our avatars into the multiverse and living as our digitalised counterparts. Then for years there wasn’t much progress at all. Goggles and headsets gathered dust. In fact, only one of the most popular VR headsets has hit the market since 2020. 

Just when it seemed like all hope of innovation was gone, rumours surfaced of the newest Oculus Quest headset and Apple’s own mixed reality contribution. If that wasn’t enough to get us all clamouring for a 2023 return to virtual reality, there’s another device that not only looks fantastic, but also comes with a variety of impressive features.

Introducing… The PSVR 2

Now, the impending release of the PSVR 2 looks like it will get this stagnant industry moving again. Of all the headsets currently being talked about this is the only one with a confirmed release date in 2023. Alone, it might not seem like enough to revive the dreamscapes we imagined when virtual reality was first proposed to us. Yet the little we know is already enough to presume the next stage in the evolution of these devices will be a significant leap forward. 

Priced at the lower end of the VR market, the PSVR has a list of specs and features we’ve been waiting for. Of course, you will also be reliant on actually owning a PlayStation console – there is some hardware needed, which could limit the marketability of this latest release. That being said, this shouldn’t come as too much of a shock as it was also the case for the debut of the first PSVR.

New Specs, New Features

“What are these impressive PSVR 2 features?” We hear you cry. Well, the headset will have 4K resolution displays (OLED HDR panels) at 2000×2040 for each eye. Refresh rates will be either 90Hz or 120Hz. So, you can expect it to compete with some of the best headsets already out there. Additional vents also prevent overheating as you use it and a lens adjustment dial will ensure you can tune your settings for the best VR picture. Also, the whole headset will move away from the irritating tangle of cables and utilise a single tether for ease of use.

How PSVR 2 Compares To Its Competitors

One way in which we expect this new device to surpass Apple’s mixed reality headset, or the Oculus Quest 2, is in its compatibility with a range of established console games. Many exclusives are surely inbound, like Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which is an exciting addition to the franchise and a promising argument for the success of the PSVR 2, cleverly marketed by Sony. Some of the other announced titles have been released on other VR headsets already, like the Meta Quest 2. Yet the premium specs and affordability of the PSVR 2 should be enough to leave other competitors behind and kickstart the VR market revival in 2023.

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