What Are The Uses of Vacuum Excavation?


The latest technique being introduced in the construction industry is vacuum excavation which is declared as 100 % safe procedure for digging, extracting or removing materials from sensitive zones or awkward areas without damaging the natural plant life, buried materials in that specific area or equipment being placed out there. Use of vacuum to tear apart the materials, is accomplished along with high pressure air or water. This method has different other names as “Soft Dig”.

blankThere are many advantages of using vacuum excavation, but before talking about the uses of this fabulous system I will describe the two different types of it along with their uses separately:

Hydro vacuum excavation

In hydro vacuum excavation, use of high pressure water along with high speed vacuum is made for safely unmasking the underground utilities. Hydro vacuum excavation is more efficient, faster and provides better results as compared to the second type, air vacuum excavation. But one drawback it has is the unavailability of the spoil material to be reused for filling the hole.


Hydro vacuum excavation is used to loosen the soil and dig a hole to expose the underground utilities. Use of water effectively helps to break down the soil’s strength and then to suck them up easily. This method is used to remove the wet and muddy excavated material using vacuum. In frozen areas, hot water is used to first increase the temperature and then aid with the excavation process.

Mostly debris from the sites are removed using this method. Debris is stored in the tanks so that the area remains clean and hazardous free. Ground water monitoring for well installation, bore hole cleaning, gully cleaning on the site on well installation and tank & GAC vessel emptying are also some applications of hydro vacuum excavators.

This method is non-mechanical and non-destructive, less man power is required, less invasive and high precision makes it really a great advancement in the excavation procedures.

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Air vacuum excavation

In this method, compressed high pressure air is used to loosen the soil particles which are then vacuumed up into the debris tank. It is used for the safe exposure of underground utilities with the provision of dry material to be reused to refill the dug hole.


There are several tasks that can be performed with air vacuum excavators involving, underground utility verification, remote excavation, clearing environmental boring holes, daylighting, and utility line service terminations.

Damage prevention is the main goal of this system. These vacuum excavators are cost-effective, works faster than hand labor and are easy to install. The underground, exposed utilities are not subjected to damage and can be moved from one place to another before construction at that place. This system helps greatly in cutting short the other costs associated with accidents or labor mishaps as this system is super easy to install, non damaging and non hazardous. Even the near area of the vacuum excavation remains safe and inacted.

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