What Next for Top Gear?


The end of Top Gear as we knew it on the BBC was greeted with extreme anger from many of the millions of fans. Clarkson’s actions resulted in the BBC ditching him, which inevitably meant the end of the trio. We are still yet to learn how the BBC will re-structure the programme, meanwhile Netflix are linked to creating a new show with Clarkson.

Is Clarkson past his sell-by-date?

Many Top Gear fans will thrown at this question, however, Clarkson, at the age of 55, certainly doesn’t look too healthy. He’s recently claimed that he spends £500 a week on alcohol, which is quite shocking. The fact is, Clarkson would need to have been replaced, at somepoint, even if it wasn’t now, and it might have been within the next 5 years. After all, it’s hard being an adrenalin junky when you hit the age of 60, isn’t that the time when driving 200 MPH is the last thing you’d be wanting to do?

Can BBC Make Top Gear Work Without the Infamous Trio?

Perhaps it was the mix of personalities which helped make the show so special, Clarkson having the boss approach, whilst Hammond was the scape goat. The adventures wouldn’t have seemed so amazing without the banter the three offered. That’s probably what is giving the BBC the biggest headache, how can they find three personalities which would blend well with the programme.

 Will the BBC keep the Top Gear brand?

One big question which has been floating around is weather the BBC would keep the Top Gear brand, or weather Clarkson would have the right to take the Top Gear brand with him to his next venture. However, it appears that in 2012 Clarkson sold a 50% stake in the brand to the BBC. What does this mean? It means the BBC own the brand and will continue to use is. Clarkson would need a new name for his future programme.

Netflix or Sky

The international audience that Top Gear has generated meant that many commercial TV providers were after the signature of Clarkson and his crew. It’s rumoured that Netflix is ready to announce a new show, whilst Sky has also been heavily linked to an announcement, too.

Who could be the next BBC Top Gear presenters?

Right now, it seems as though Chris Evans could be the Clarkson replacement, and that seems like an ideal and logical replacement. The other two remain unknown. However, there’s one man who’s expected to stay, who’s that? The Stig!

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