What’s new at Google? …here’s looking at the Nexus device line


Say what you will about them, but Google is always at the forefront, of well…nearly everything you can think of.  Such appears to be the case with their ”Nexus” device line which encapsulates not only a phone and tablet, but also an entertainment / player hub as well.  What is the ultimate purpose of all this, you ask?   How is it supposed to make everything better, you might be wondering?  Each one of these offerings is Android-powered of course and will feature an upcoming OS update.  “Android Lollipop” is the cloak and dagger phrase that’s being passed around, and according to those within the company it represents a “quantum leap forward” from where it is now.  In other words, everything should work even better and let’s not forget about the new features headed our way either.

Nexus 6 – The Phone

Aside from the fact that the Nexus 6 is basically able to stand toe-to-toe with any other smartphone out there, the real meat in its design is its 6″ Quad HD display, which makes it easy to do more.   Assuming you love to do things like load up demanding apps and games, this device will definitely be right up your alley.  The unit is actually utilizing a Snapdragon 805 quad-core 2.7GHz processor in tandem with an Adreno 420 GPU, meaning that it can bust out some serious graphical firepower when required to do so.  At the same time, with two speakers facing you, there are much stronger presentation capabilities there if you need them (using a wireless Bluetooth speaker is always recommended of course if you need strength and clarity).  Even better, you can reportedly get around 6 hours of battery life with the Nexus 6 with just a measly 15 minute charge session, meaning that it’s great for those “long hauls”.  The f2.0 lens and 13 megapixel camera isn’t going to disappoint either, and with all the various stabilization and correction features instantly accessible, you can be sure your shots will be flawless as well.

Nexus 9 – The tablet

Quite simply, power, durability and ease of use are the themes of the Nexus 9.  Among all the various similar products you could pick up, Google’s N9 certainly isn’t a bad choice.  64-bit processing and the ability to handle multiple tasks at once without getting bogged down make this a tablet that both professionals and routine users will certainly get a lot of mileage out of.  This is also a very sturdy machine which feels solid and unlikely to be easily taken out of commission. Likewise, the 8.9″ screen seems to be just the right size, remaining small enough to be extremely portable, yet possessing a viewing surface that requires no real sacrifices.

Nexus Player

Lastly, we come to the Nexus Player, which is what most people are probably excited about to tell you the truth.  For all intents and purposes it is an ultra-sleek set top box with the ability to connect directly to a tv and juggle apps and games.  Even better, it comes with its own controller, meaning that interactive titles actually respond in sensible ways and nothing feels too shoehorned in.  It’s completely foreseeable that they might develop all sorts of interesting games for this platform too.  Obviously the ability to fire up Netflix, Youtube, Hulu Plus, Google Play and more will get most people fired up.  Add to that voice search capabilities and you have what amounts to a complete, all-in-one entertainment solution.

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