Which is best? XBOX One or PS4? Does it matter?


Animosity tends to be unleashed in cycles among major competing brands.  Case in point, you have the ongoing consumer war going on between Sony and Microsoft within the video game console market.  Moreover, this battle has spilled out into the public sphere, where fans of each console are now taking to the message boards and trolling users of the opposite platform.  Think of it as a sort of video game “cold war”, where the antagonism between Sony and MS has inadvertently spread amongst gamers.   Of course what most seem to be forgetting is that everyone is supposed to be engaging in recreational entertainment here, not hurling bitterness words for the sake of brand loyalty.  In other words, when you start to ask the question “which console is better, the Xbox One or PS4?” what you should be asking yourself is “what features am I looking for in a new console?”

Birds of a feather

Quite simply, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are very evenly matched in terms of performance.  Of course the meticulous testers have revealed that the PS4 actually moves slightly beyond the One’s hardware capabilities, as was the case with their predecessors, the 360 and PS3.  Nevertheless, both machines perform amazingly and deliver stunningly realistic graphics with multi-string processing that doesn’t even flinch in the face of multi-tasking.  Likewise, each unit also comes packed with plenty of alluring features to wow you with.

The DRM disaster

Microsoft’s DRM (digital rights management) policies and internet connection requirements have been sore points for the Xbox One, with many feeling as though they’re simply imposing systems of artificial scarcity in order to control consumers.  Things become so heated in fact that the company has now officially altered its own position to now allow somewhat unrestricted use of the console, but the damage has been done in a lot of people’s minds.  In short, it’s sort of hard to trust a company that basically threatened to take away rights as part of some type of sales strategy.

However, many feel as though the Xbox One’s initial showing in terms of the quality of its hardware was extremely strong.  In fact, it’s often been stated that the console can remain powered up for 10 years with no threat of any RROD incidents.  Moreover, the PS4 was plagued by some initial problems related to device failures, which likely propelled more than a few consumers back toward Microsoft.

It’s all about the games at the end of the day

What it really boils down to is the content; specifically, which titles you prefer on either console.  While it could easily be argued that each machine possesses its own great exclusive games, it would appear from an outward perspective that the PlayStation 4 seems to have the upper hand.  Aside from the ever-growing list of big-budget titles which are being released on a steady basis, there are also loads of free games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers as well as a burgeoning Indie game development community (which Sony is actively promoting).

The conclusion

In truth, either console will serve you well; they’re both fine machines with truly next-gen capabilities.  However, it would appear that the PlayStation 4 represents the better deal with its lower price and attractive, ever-growing library.  Furthermore, if we are to take the public’s opinion as an indicator of anything (up to March SALES: PS4 = 6 million / Xbox One = 4 million) it’s that demand for Sony’s console is far greater.  In conclusion, either is fine but you’ll probably be best served by purchasing a PS4.

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