3 Ways to Make Your Company More Responsible



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Corporate accountability and responsibility are buzzwords these days. Being open, transparent, and ethically aware are big concerns for most of the major players. But they are not issues limited to large scale, major businesses alone. There are many ways in which we can make our own business more accountable and sustainable. Even if the changes are only small, every step towards creating responsible and open businesses is a positive one. With mass media and social platforms it is easier than ever to see behind the scenes of businesses and entrepreneurs. The reputation and image we create is very important and can have an impact on whether we are able to secure customers or not. Try implementing these three easy ways to make your business more responsible.

Be Easy to Contact

Wherever possible, try to make it simple and easy for anyone to contact you. Whether clients, customers, or complaints direct them swiftly and efficiently. Research has shown that consumers often dislike automated messages. Long processes of redirection to the right area of the company can be irritating to them. Some of this is likely to be unavoidable as the company expands. But aim to have your customer speak to a human as soon as possible in the process. This reassures them that they are valued, listened to, and that your company is trustworthy. Have a contact form available on your website at all times. Consider incorporating a live chat element onto your page so that customers can get immediate answers. Twitter and Facebook are also increasingly popular ways to communicate directly with customers. Whatever method you choose – and it is best to have several – be available to field concerns as and when they arise.


Waste of all kinds is a genuine and urgent problem pressing society. It is particularly  important for large companies to set a responsible example as they operate on such a vast scale. Paper wastage can be significant, for example, and electronic waste is constant when technology goes out of date. Many companies have adopted policies of digitising all their major information to avoid using paper. Even on a small scale it is possible to introduce things like recycling programmes or digital contracts. Be sure to look online and ask around for more info how to achieve this.

Ask For Feedback

Being open to feedback and constructive criticism is a sign of transparency and confidence in a company. It indicates to customers that their opinions and experiences are valuable to your company. A company that looks to its customers for ways to learn, grow and improve is likely to be a successful one. Nowadays, consumers are more interactive than ever. Online review sites, Facebook comments, tweets and more can make or break a company. Have a dedicated feedback and review section on your website to demonstrate that you are open for suggestions. Ask directly on Facebook or Twitter if there are ways in which people would like to see you improve. It can be daunting at first but creates a positive impression of transparency and respect for the consumer.

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